Experience Baden Bei Wien, Austria

If you’re looking for a tranquil holiday, Baden is your destination. Why spend hours indulging in strenuous activities or roaming endlessly from one place to another? All that your urban-stressed mind and body really needs is a good, long rest. The hot springs of Baden’s spas offer a cozy time amidst picturesque environs.Baden in Lower Austria is not to be confused with Baden-Baden in Germany and Baden in Switzerland. This town, the capital of Baden district, is also called Baden Bie Wien or Baden near Vienna as it is located to the south of Vienna. Situated along the Schwechat River near the Wiener Forest, Baden is a spa town. The natural healing atmosphere of the place, the panoramic landscape and the musical associations make Baden an interesting place for a trip.

Fans of western classical music can visit the houses of Beethoven, one of the greatest composers. This musical genius often visited Baden. One of his places is known as Beethovenhaus. In these rooms, he is supposed to have composed and received fellow musicians. Visitors who love his works can enjoy its association with their favorite composer.

Things To Do:

Romertherme Baden – here one can have a complete and unique spa experience. Romertherme Baden is a state-of-the-art health resort in Baden. Making full use of the sulfur springs, Romertherme is a large place offering various facilities for a rejuvenating experience. The  combination of light and sound is seen in the lighting of these healing baths and the music playing the background.

There are different kinds of pools – indoor and outdoor, pools for professionals as well as beginners. Visit Romertherme Baden not only for therapeutic reasons but also for recreational purposes – this place provides opportunities for water sports.

Of course, Baden is more than just one big spa. If you’ve had enough relaxation on your trip, pay a visit to the Rollett Museum. It has a diverse collection – one may view the specimens from prehistoric and Roman times. Alternatively, music lovers can browse the sheet music of Mozart and Beethoven.

Thank Josef Gall, who initiated the science of phrenology, for the strange collection of skulls of varied kinds. Phrenology is based on the proposed belief that one can obtain the features of a person’s personality from the shape of his or her skull.

A holiday in Baden, Austria can be a truly interesting and unique experience.