Experience Pristine Scandinavia with a Holiday in Finland

Finland accentuates the Scandinavian climate with its pristine natural terrains and cool climate without the harshness of the extreme Scandinavian winter.

A holiday in Finland is a hugely preferred option for vacation that offers great fun not only for the adventure enthusiasts, but also for the romantic couples, the kids and the families. An economically dynamic country, with a lot of yet-untapped potential tourism, Finland is sure to attract the fun-loving spirit in you.

From the gorgeous fortifications of the Suomenlinna, a cluster of six beautiful islands on the Finnish sea that has been certified as a world Heritage site by UNESCO, to the rich culture of the city of Turku and the Arktikum Museum, a holiday in Finland promises a world of exhilarating fun and adventure. While your kids would definitely love the home of Santa Claus, thought to live in the Finnish Laplands, you could spend your holidays indulging in Nordic Skiing, yachting, adventure sports and even kayaking!

A holiday in Finland is also great for the culture and music enthusiast, as the famous rock bands Nightwish, children of Bodom and Stratovarius all regularly perform at the

Finnish music scene. Natural beauty, in the form of the breathtaking Aurora Borealis, meets architectural wonder, in the form of gothic castles and museums, in this great European nation.

Helsinki Finland is the central capital city of this country, and is a great, vibrant choice for a holiday. The most popular tourist destinations of Helsinki Finland are the resplendent Helsinki Cathedral, the sprawling Senate Square, and the City Hall.

Kids would love the life and activity at the Aurinkohlati Beach and the Linnanmaki Amusement park, and on a bright, clear day, could be taken to the Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi Football grounds. For the discerning tourist, Helsinki Finland also has a wide plethora of shopping options like the Itakeskus, the largest shopping destination in North-European countries.

The indigenous Finland Food is sure to leave its mark on the true connoisseur of taste, and Finland does have many fine-dining options. There are restaurants like the Michelin-certified Chez Dominique, the luxurious Sundmans, the Famous Lappi and the Bellevue. True exponents of the Finnish cuisine of ducks, assorted Finnish herbs and salmon, these restaurants showcase Finland food to its advantageous best.