Explore The Charisma of Mexico

The mesmerizing tourist attractions of Mexico have captivated the soul of many tourists coming from various locations of the world. The splendid city has lots to offer. The beautiful historical monuments and the artistry are simply ravishing.

It is not only a diverse city with its historic values; it is one of the fastest growing nations with futuristic technologies, modern hotels, resorts and cutting edge buildings.

The city is standing beneath two snow capped volcanoes which provide the bewitching view of the whitish mountains. You can also hang out in the back streets and green parks at ease. The cultural ethos and religious history of the place is something to see and admire. It is colorful with numerous festivities and celebrations.

Some of the best tourist attractions are listed:


The Zocalo or the plaza of the constitution of Mexico is the most exquisite. The building consists of two other buildings namely the National Palace and Cathedral. Also, the site features Aztec ruins, restaurants, hotels, stores.

Metropolitan cathedral:

This cathedral is the greatest temple displaying different styles such as gothic, neo-classical and Baroque.

National place:

This is the current residence of the President. It is a complete beautiful piece of art. So, don’t miss it.


Everyone who has visited Mexico knows this place. This is the city’s cultural heritage which displays residential areas, museums, parks. To get a glimpse of the regular Mexican lifestyle you better come down to this place.

Palacio de Bellas artes:

This is the renowned concert hall and an art center which has housed many performances of worldly known artists like Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Placido Domingo and many more.

And if you visit the central Mexico the colonial culture and architecture will simply take your breath away. The milder climate and local cuisines are simply alluring.

There are also some busy markets where you can buy some local produces. During the October festival you can enjoy the rodeo show where the racy horsemanship and bull fighting are on display. If are tired of the relentless itinerary, you can indulge into the luxurious spa treatments and hot baths.

You can visit Modern art museum to see the contemporary art work of Mexico. With that you can visit the Chapultepec castle to see the artist David Alfaro’s artwork.

So, are you ready to embrace the Latino heat?


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