Explore the Lake Superior

The scintillating and unspoiled natural beauty of the grand Lake Superior, which is the world’s second largest freshwater lake (by volume), along with the picturesque landscape of the shorelines offers a majestic solitude and unforgettable viewing experience which is truly superior in nature.

The rugged landscapes of the shoreline and the forests spreading all around the horizon and the spectacular granite shorelines of the surrounding Canadian Shield has made this Lake one of the world’s major tourism attraction.

Not only the magnificent natural beauty of the waters and the lush green shoreline with it’s grand wilderness,  which has virtually remained unchanged for hundreds of years, along with the native rural communities with rich history, Lake Superior has several other major attractions too.

The Lake welcomes tourists interested in fresh water sailing, boating, and water sports with excellent facilities.  A great variety of wonderful and exciting restaurants, museums, colourful and entertaining  seasonal festivals, and diverse shopping opportunities makes this Lake a tourist’s paradise.

The largest of the five great lakes of North America, this Lake is bounded by the US state of Minnesota and the Canadian province of Ontario to the North, and by Michigan and Wisconsin to the South. This world’s largest fresh water lake with a surface area of 82,413 km. empties into Lake Huron via St. Mary’s river.

The lake has a maximum length of 563 km and maximum breadth of 257 km.  Its average depth is 482 feet with a maximum depth of 1,332 feet.

Along with magnificent views and the opportunity to enjoy the majestic solitude of nature, the Lake, the scenic road’s, and byways around the shorelines offer excellent opportunities of exploring hiking, canoeing, and camping.

There are touring expeditions offered (Lake Superior Circle Tour) that cover the villages and cities and scenically splendid recreational attractions along the shores of Minnesota, Ontario, and the South Lake Superior Shore of the Wisconsin and Michigan Upper Peninsula.

This world’s largest and most famous gigantic lake with its majestic and awesome power and ever changing moods, and the natural beauty of the 2726 miles of shoreline, the pristine sandy beaches, rocky cliffs etc. is almost like a huge crystal clear inland sea by itself.