Exploring The Genting Highlands

Let me take you now through a tour of Genting highlands in Malaysia, the fascinating country. Genting highlands or the heart of Malaysia is an exotic tourist destination which is very pocket friendly, family friendly and even environment friendly. It is one of the “Mini-Vegas of Malaysia”, which has established itself as The City of Entertainment.

Being located at an altitude of about 1800 meters, it enjoys a pleasant climate with temperature range 15-25 C. It is a storehouse of fun for people of all age groups be it children who get attracted by swings or elders fascinated by gambling in Casinos. Not only this, but Genting also serves as a tourist hub for various international celebrations like Tour de Langkawi cycle race, Malaysian Idol, Mtv Asia awards, etc.

Various awards like World Travel Awards, TTG travel awards and enrollment of its name in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records has proved like an icing on the cake. It is accessible through various means of transportation that is train, bus or by taxi or car.

The famous Monte Carlo Casino is the largest casino for the enjoyment of the people. No photography is allowed inside the casino, but foreigners can enter showing their international passports. The First World Hotel is the largest hotel registered as World’s largest hotel, which possesses 6,118 rooms.

The First World Plaza is a large shopping arcade carrying all sorts of brands and labels. The First World Indoor Theme park is also a collection of heart throbbing rides with reverberating experience.

Some of the other splendid destinations include Chin Swee Caves Temple, Cradle Rock, Genting Strawberry Farm, Highlands Mushroom Farm, etc. Therefore, Genting highlands are the perfect spot where in one can relax and take a healthy time from busy and hectic work schedules. It fulfils all the need of relaxation as the beauty will keep you spell bound.

A smart utilization of your money as it is a well-deserved destination for your family. A perfect spot to spend quality time with your loved ones. So put on your leisure shoes and get set to enjoy and go Genting.



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