Fact About Lufthansa Airlines

One of the leading airlines in the world of airline is the Lufthansa which is based in Cologne in Germany. Along with Air Canada and United Airlines, Lufthansa airlines form a part of Star Alliance. The cargo operation and main passenger is situated in Frankfurt in Germany.

Foundation of Lufthansa Airlines

A merger between Lloyd and Junkers Luftverkehr and Deutsche Aero resulted in Lufthansa airlines on sixth January in the year 1926. There were as many as about hundred and fifty aircraft and it began its services from the sixth of April.

Period During War and Then Returning to Its Services

Foundation of Lufthansa Airlines

The war forced the Lufthansa airlines to discontinue its services during the year 1939 and all the services were stopped from 1945. In 1955 Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellscaft returned back to its services.

Jet Services and Return of Lufthansa

Lufthansa airlines introduced jet services in the year of 1960 and the Boeing 707 also arrived during this time. During the 1960s the Lufthansa airlines expanded its jet services with 737s and 727s. In the year of 1970, the Boeing 747 jumbo jet made its debut in Lufthansa airport and you need to aware of these jet services about Lufthansa.

In the year of 1990 after the German reunification, the Lufthansa airlines went back to Berlin. This was the first time that Lufthansa airways went back since the World War II. The majority of the flight attendants, ground staff and the pilots are mainly based in Frankfurt. Several departments of Lufthansa airlines are not localized in the headquarters but are settled in the Lufthansa Aviation centre in Flughafen in the Frankfurt International airport

Partnerships and Alliances


You may be interested to know about Lufthansa’s private investors. Lufthansa is owned by Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Postbank and MGL Gesellschaft fur Luftverkehrswerte. JetBlue and Lufthansa on 14the December declared a partnership which was initiated through about nineteen purchase stake purchase. A European carrier for the first time involved in a first ownership investment in an American carrier. This came into effect from the year 2008. Lufthansa airlines were one of the initial operators of the Airbus A34-300.

A major thing about Lufthansa that makes it one of the leading airlines is that it provides very good quality services. While you are travelling, certain things which you do not need to worry about Lufthansa are comfort, lounge access and more legroom. Major carriers of Lufthansa have premium cabins with flat seats in it. You will definitely appreciate this about Lufthansa as it will make your journey all the more comfortable.

Check In Requirements for Luggage

Check In Requirements for Luggage

Lufthansa unlike several other airlines lets you to carry at least one free checked bag and at other times two free checked bags. One thing you will surely like about Lufthansa is that the weight limits are much less stricter than several other American air carriers. It is still important for you to go through the rules before you head towards your destination so that you do not end up shelling out more cash than what is expected. You should also check in with some time in hand, so as to take precautionary measures if required. If you have reached early, then even if you are missing a document you can go back home and collect it.

Travelling Between Europe and Mexico, Canada and U.S

If you are travelling in an economy class, then you will be allowed a free checked bag along with one ski bag. You will get this facility for flights services between Europe and Canada, U.S and Mexico. The weight of your checked bag cannot be more than fifty pounds or twenty three kilograms.

It also needs to be about sixty two inches in combined length, width and height. If you are travelling in a first class or a business class then you will be permitted two checked bags and the weight of each bag can be up to seventy pounds or thirty two kilograms. This facility about Lufthansa reduces a lot of baggage cost that you otherwise would have had to pay.

In Egypt, Ethiopia, West Africa, South America and the U.S

If your journey commences and ends in Ethiopia, Egypt, South America, West Africa and U.S then two free checked bags will be permitted to you.

From Japan and Brazil

From Japan and Brazil

If you travel from Japan or Brazil then you will be permitted two free checked bags. This facility about Lufthansa can be of benefit if you are travelling in first, business as well as economy class.

From Europe to Asia, Africa and Middle East and Also Within Europe

If you are travelling to other European countries through Lufthansa or to Asia, Middle East and Africa the rules are a bit different. Here the baggage allowance will be determined by your total baggage’s weight and not by your number of baggages. If you are travelling first class then you will be allowed about eighty eight pounds or forty kilograms along with golf and a ski bag.

If you are travelling in business class then you will be permitted about sixty-six pounds or thirty kilograms along with a ski bag. You will be allowed about forty four pounds or about twenty kilograms along with a ski bag if you are travelling in an economy class. You should make it a point to find out information about Lufthansa luggage requirements prior to flying.

Lufthansa airlines will not make your long journey boring and tiresome as it provides high speed internet connection which will keep you busy and entertained. You can attend meetings through video chat. You might not be aware about Lufthansa airline’s high speed internet services which are available even in mid air. This makes travelling in Lufthansa an incredible experience for you.

The first class space concept was introduced by Lufthansa airlines with comfortable, sleek, retro styling leather seats. When you enter the airport you will be met with concierge services, separate Cigar lounge, a gourmet restaurant and a limousine transfer to the aircraft directly. You will be pampered with special amenities and features throughout your journey which is sure to make your journey a memorable one.