Facts About Cape Town

The naming of this enchanting city as Cape Town has an interesting anecdote based on historical facts. In the late 15th century Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias, while trying to find a sea route to India’s lucrative spice trade, was caught in terrible storms on a rocky headland at the southern tip of Africa.

He survived and named it the Cape of Storms. Dias, however, perished in another horrible storm in the same sea but his successor Vasco da Gama found that the Cape was indeed the gateway to India’s lucrative spice trade.  It was renamed the Cape of Good Hope.

Stiff rivalries began when the British and Dutch wanted to expand their colonies. The traffic through the harbor increased and the Cape’s harbor began to flourish. Where only nomads used to make a living on hunting and gathering became one of the busiest shipping corridors in the world. The flourishing port city was renamed once again as Cape Town.

A Booming City

Cape Town

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The credit of developing Cape Town’s harbor as a supply station and establishing the modern part of the city as South Africa’s first European settlement goes to the Dutch. But it took 150 years after the sea route to India was discovered. Cape Town remained the colony’s largest city until the gold rush began in late 19th century and Johannesburg became the colony’s El Dorado. Cape Town, however, continued to be South Africa’s most vibrant city and South Africa’s most popular tourist destination.

Arriving In Cape Town

Cape Town’s airport with world class facilities is about half-an-hour’s drive from the city center. Major international airlines such as British Airways, Virgin, Lufthansa, Air France and KLM offer direct flights.

Gateway To South Africa

Most South Africa-bound travelers from Europe and the United States prefer direct flights to Cape Town. After an overnight flight, they can touch down on the Cape’s sunny shores. After checking into a hotel of their choice and relaxing for a while begin they can begin exploring this fascinating city.

A Fascinating City

Arriving In Cape Town

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The people of Cape Town are so enamored with their city that they claim it to be the best in the world. Even if you aren’t fully convinced about their assertion, you would at least agree that it’s one of the world’s best.

Cape Town is an interesting city. Its contact over many centuries with sailors, traders and explorers who passed through this port city has made it one of the most multi-cultured cities in the world. It’s also an attractive and picturesque city with its many fascinating landmarks, pristine beaches and the ocean beyond.

Leading Landmarks

The iconic Table Mountain overlooking the city is the most important landmark. It’s covered with varieties of wild flowers and stands 1086 meters above the Table Bay. The way to the top wasn’t ever easy and only a few dared to climb it until a cableway was constructed in 1929.

V&A Waterfront is another great landmark. Besides being a busy commercial harbor, it still exudes the harbor’s old-world charms. Tourists love this area as it’s located in the midst of entertainment district with pubs, restaurants, shops, theaters and cinema halls.

Exploring The City

Cape Town1

There are many other tourist attractions. Enjoy exploring this small city walking along its colonial cobble-stone streets. Hired cars and taxis are easily available for exploring the city’s picturesque countryside. For driving a car you must have a valid driving license that has your photograph and are either printed in English.


Cape Town offers a wide selection of accommodation options located in the heart of the city as also on its outskirts.  Browse through the net, acquaint yourself with the accommodation scenario and select a hotel of your choice.

The Allure Of Cape Town

Cape Town beckons you to come here on a holiday and have a wonderful time.


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