Facts About The City Of London

The city of London, Londinium (as it was called earlier!), was established by the Romans at around 43 AD, though it was firstly founded as a civil settlement at around 50 AD. After the Roman invasion in 43 AD, led by Emperor Claudius, it became a part of the Roman Empire.

There is still doubt about the original cause of its foundation. Some believe it was brought up as a civilian settlement, some believe that it may have been a Roman fortress; evidence fails to support the theory though. As the city is right beside the river of Thames, it is also believed to have been the main commercial centre.

city of London

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At that time, it only served as a major commercial centre and not as the capital. It served as an important port between Britannia and the Roman provinces. London, the city, is a smaller bite of the Greater London of England. The city boundaries lie unchanged since the middle ages. It is one of the most cultured and ancient cities of the world, yet developed to a level to set itself as a milestone for many.

Home to the most famous Royal family in the world, led by Queen Elizabeth herself, the City is a subtle link of the glorious days of Kings and Queens and the modern era. Apart from Her Majesty herself, the city was home to another Royal serene elegance of a human being much popular with every level of Humanity, Princess Diana. Princess Diana was one woman who might have rivaled the popularity of her Majesty.

Until her controversial death, she was on the news almost every alternate day. The city is one of the better cultural and historical cities one may find in the world. Some smallest things/structures that remind us of the past, still stand tall in the city such as the last methane powered lamp, the Ferryman’s seat, Drinking Fountains, police signal posts, etc.

most ancient part of London

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The city of London is the most ancient part of London, yet it is the most developed part. It has also seen, through the years, many famous mishaps and accidents, but it only made the city a much better place today.

One of the most famous mishaps has to be the Great fire of London, which took place in 1666 and burned many Historic buildings. However, the brighter side of the mishap is that, it helped to make the city better. After that incident, the city was built with much better buildings and much wider streets. Then almost three centuries later, came the devastation caused by the World War II.

Called by many names such as ‘the City’, ‘Londinium’, ‘the Square Mile’, London is today a major finance and business centre. It beats even New York City, in being a leading city of global finance. The city has a population of around 8,500, excluding the vast number of individuals who work for their daily bread in the city.

Some Of The Most Famous Spots In The City of London Are As Follows:

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

It is the most famous Royal house in the world. It is Her Majesty’s home.

Big Ben

It is the most famous clock on Earth.

St Paul’s Cathedral

It is the place in the city with most footfalls.

The Lloyds Of London

This is one building you cannot deny a look. Resembling a rocket, it is highly in contrast to the building sit stands next to.

The Old Bailey

The Old Bailey

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It is one of London’s most famous courthouses. It has witnessed the most famous and notorious cases in London, and the trials are open to the public.

The Tower of London

The tower of London is a millennium-old structure, and has transformed itself from being a castle to prison and then to a palace. It has a fascinating and diverse history, and may take you almost one major part of, either your morning or afternoon, to discover the place truly. Rudolf Hess was the last prisoner that the Tower of London had jailed.

Madame Tussaud’s 

You cannot deny hearing somewhere about this. From movie celebrities to their musical counterparts or almost any Paparazzi worthy named star had a Wax Statue built up at Madame Tussaud’s.

Here Are Some More Interesting Facts About The City Of London

It is the oldest city in London. Total area of the city of London is 1.1 Square miles (2.90 km2). That is the reason why it is also known as Square Mile. The City has the highest population density in Britain. The tallest building in the city is the Canary Wharf Tower.

Canary Wharf Tower.

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The city’s currency is British pounds (GBP). The city resides in the timeline of The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The city boasts around 2 trillion foreign exchange turnover each day. The City of London Corporation sees to the promotion and the financial services of the city. It ensures that the city retain its place as the financial capital of Europe. Though the Great Fire of London shattered many ancient and famous buildings of London, the number of casualty was on six.

Some Other Weird Facts

Her Majesty had no permission to come into the city, without the permission of its Mayor. Some famous roads, which has is tributaries in the city, actually falls under the city of Westminster. A number of secret rivers flow under the city of London. One such river is the Effra, which flows under the Lord’s cricket ground. The clock of Big Ben got five minutes back, when on Starlings’ group landed on the clock’s minute hand. This incident took place in 1945.

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The city of London has been a landmark and a milestone for many other budding cities all over the globe that want to hold on to their culture and history as the City of London has all these years. However, none of the cities can ever be the stature of the London.

Built on a firm ancient history of battles, captures, development, architecture, massacres and accidents, the city of London holds its head high. It is still one of the most visited, famous and controversial cities of all time. It has burns, has seen famine and accidents alike, but every time, it just comes out stronger.