Facts About Victoria Falls

The smoke that thunders, the Victoria Falls are undoubtedly one of the most astounding sights in the world. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is a total pleasure to the eyes. The awe spinning panoramic beauty of the falls, which is located in the continent of Africa, is on every traveller’s front cards.It is located in the southern part of the Dark Continent and is on the river Zambezi. Two of Africa’s most prominent countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe are on both the sides. Also called by the name Mosi-oa-Tunya, the waterfall has a very interesting history. It is not only the biggest natural waterfalls in Africa but is the largest in the world too. The white fuming waters of the Zambezi River leave tourist gaping.

The Geographical and Social Facts About The Great Falls:

Victoria Falls

Photo Credit: Loscuatroojos.com

One thing that everyone knows is that it is the largest falls in the world.  It has dimensions of 1708 meters X 108 meters, making it the largest one in the world though not the highest or widest. There are many beautiful gorges on the river namely Batoka gorges. The walls of these gorges are almost upright and around 120 meters high.

The major cities are Zambia, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, which is an ancient colonial city, named after the Scottish explorer by the same name, who discovered tha falls. Although today the falls have highly populous towns around it, there was a time when there were hardly any modern people residing there. It was a sacred site for the Batoka and other tribal people.

Facts About Victoria Falls

The discovery of coal mines in Hwange and copper in Rhodesia, present day Zambia brought in many people who inhabited the place. Under the commission of Cecil John Rhodes, the construction of the famous Victoria Falls Bridge was started and in 1905 was completed.

This ensured a wave of civilization in the area. One interesting thing is that presumably, the first living being to cross the bridge was a leopard! Both the countries provide with permits and visas to cross the border and generally cost $20 to 50 to get the visas. The rules keep on changing so it advisable to check well before the actual visit.

Things To Do When In There:

The Victoria Waterfalls National Parks, Mosi-oa-Tunya national parks and the very famous Zambezi national parks are an added advantage for any traveller. The area is predominantly a woodland savannah but the most striking feature is the rainforest nurtured by the sprays of water from the falls. Elephants, wild buffaloes, giraffe and rare antelopes populate the parks.

Zambezi national parks

Other delights include Klipspringers, otters, and over 35 species of Raptors.River rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping in the area should not be missed. A day’s trip to the Chobe national park is also worth the time. There are many wildlife safaris. You can take a elephant ride and jeep rides.

Seeing the entire Zambezi River basin with all the beautiful gorges on helicopters is also very famous. If you love shopping, you would not be let down. You can buy local artifacts and memoirs from the towns. Just make sure that you have mastered the art of bargaining well. If you wish to be ‘hanging over the falls’ literally, the devil’s pool is the thing to do. In the right season, it becomes a natural pool, which allows you to swim right up to the edge without tripping due to a natural rock. It is a must do if you are seeking that adrenalin rush!