Family Attractions In Branson

In case you are wondering where on earth Branson is before contemplating a trip with the family here is a quick snapshot. Branson is located in the Southwest of Missouri in the state of Missouri in the U.S. The natural landscape of the area surrounded by the Ozark Mountains is so breathtakingly beautiful that people who have visited feel that they have walked right into a movie set.

Natural beauty apart Branson has an active entertainment, carnival and party scene as well. Surprising for a town that is sparsely populated, but gained a reputation when every rock legend started performing in the city in the eighties.
When in Branson a must do is to visit the Silver dollar city around the marvel cave, considered to be amongst the best theme parks in the US.

Roller coaster rides

Roller coaster rides of every imaginable kind find a place here. There are rides that take you horizontally, vertically, through fire, water and much more. Even the faint hearted can have a great time just watching the precision of these gravity defying machines with their shrieking hapless passengers in tow.

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If Los Angeles is not on your itinerary please do visit the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson and you could have your picture clicked with the damsels of Hollywood or shake hands with their male counterparts. “Adorn the walls of your living room with a perfect trophy”. Another must in Missouri is the Duck Ride. A Hovercraft like amphibious machine minus the capacity to fly, the duck takes its passengers for rides on land and just as efficiently slips into water.

Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson

A delight if you are experiencing it for the first time and a super treat for the kids. For those wanting to take back a souvenir to cherish or gulp a tour to the Stone Hill Winery steeped in tradition or the Mount Pleasant Winery with its exquisite range is a definite do. A traditional tour is organized by the folks that run the place.

Dolly Parton’s Dixie stampede is a fun theatre show with horses and pigs in tow enacting battles of the past rounded off by some very fine dinner of chicken, pork loin, corn, fruit and unlimited beverages (non alcoholic of course).
If you have the stomach for the weird then there is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in a stone pillar that has a crack for an opening resembling the after effects of an earthquake tremble.

Having Fun with the Family in Branson

After the entertainment the nightlife begins there are many bars with great drinks and live music on highway 76 in the centre of the city. The Outback Pub, Tsunami and the Waxy O’Sheas are all worth a visit. The service is friendly and if you do show an interest in humming a tune the performers on stage are more than happy to have you join them to croon. And finally before you leave Branson take the world tour of the six pubs on the landing at the Old Chicago with 110 different varieties of beer you might be able to fly back home without an airplane.


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