Family Holidays in California- Plan a Weekend Getaway or Relax in California

California is a popular tourist destination and well known for its wine tasting, landscapes, festivals and activities. California has many activities for people of all ages. When the winter sets in, you can enjoy several festivals and wine tasting events around California.

If you are planning a weekend getaway, holidays with your family or wish to have a relaxing vacation, California is the best option. Here are a few more details about California and its attractions

Things to Do in California- Los Angeles and San Francisco

While you are in California, you will want to visit Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland, Anaheim. There are live shows, birthday celebrations for kids, evening parades and an adventure theme park.

You can spend one whole day and yet long to come back for another Disney experience. You can also drive down to Los Angeles from Anaheim and visit Hollywood, Universal Studios, museums and art galleries in Los Angeles.

Another interesting place of tourist interest is San Francisco, the City of Golden Gate Bridge. You can buy tickets for cruises on various piers in SFO. These cruises take you near the Golden Gate Bridge and back. These are usually one-hour cruises for a very reasonable price. You can buy snacks and drinks on the cruise. Ensure that you carry some cash to buy refreshments on the cruises.

While in San Francisco, you can also reserve a cruise to the Alcatraz Island and Angel Island. There are several parks, shopping centers, museums and galleries around San Francisco.

Pier 39 has many interesting things to do for people of all ages. There is an aquarium, submarine and many restaurants to sample good food near the bay. You can also take a long walk on the Pier but be a little careful of the sea otters and sea gulls that flock on the piers.

Things to Do in California- Napa Valley and National Parks in California

From San Francisco, you can plan a visit to the wine country of Napa Valley. You can visit the wineries and sample many varieties of wines. For those who like adventures, they can try a hot air balloon ride early in the morning in Napa. You can also visit the old faithful geyser and the Petrified Forest in Napa Valley.

For those who like to hike and trek, there are many beautiful hiking opportunities in California. You can plan a trip to the Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Kings Canyon National Park and many such trails and preserves open to the public.

You can make reservations for accommodations in lodges and cabins within the national parks. California national parks provide guided tours, hikes and other activities for the visitors.

Thus, you can plan for California family holidays or backpack in California and have a good time. It is easy to plan budget holidays in California. You can find several inexpensive accommodations, hostels and vacation home rentals in California.

Likewise, you can also rent surfing boards, bikes, boats and plan any adventure sports with friends or family in California. With a good climate throughout the year, California is ideal for a weekend getaway, romantic getaway or a relaxing holiday.