Famous And Best Beaches To Visit In USA

Beaches are probably the best places to spend vacations. Beaches are popular among all, from the toddler to the teens and young people to the seniors. Interestingly the whole of USA has beaches suitable for all types of activities. And there are beaches that are especially famous for different reasons. Here are some such beaches of USA that have their individual claims to fame.

Best Beaches In USA

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Sunset Beach for Surfing

Sunset beach is situated on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Its claim to fame is big wave surfing. The best waves are generated during the winter months. Generally the North Shore is calm in the summer. The 2-mile long beach, one of the longest in Hawaii, is one of the best to enjoy the summer sun while the crystal clear water provides the best snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

Sunset Beach for Surfing

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But come winter and the ocean rages and the waves easily climb to fifteen to twenty meters in height. So these months see the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing and the Duke Kahanamoku Classic Surfing Championship. Riding the big waves should be best left to the experts and it is recommended that the novices avoid such adventure. Though the beach has lifeguards, it is recommended that the visitors pay attention to all the postings and warnings.

Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington for Solitude

If solitude is what you like while enjoying a stroll along the beach then Second Beach at the Olympic National Park is just the beach you are looking for. Actually there are three beaches – the first, the second and the third. While the first is very near to the road and crowded the third is quite far. In fact it is a 1.2 mile trek through forested area.

Usa Beach

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The second is just right. One needs a short hike to reach the beach. But once a person gets there, he will hardly find any footstep. A stroll towards the north will take one to a beautiful natural arch while a walk southwards open a view of the Quillayute Needles, a cluster of islets and sea rocks lying offshore. These are breeding grounds of a number of sea birds and human intrusion is prohibited. The southern trail also ends with an arch.

Cedar Point for Family Fun

There is no moment more joyful than spending some great moments with the family. And keeping this in mind what can be a better beach vacations than Cedar Point where along with the beach one gets the best of amusement parks in USA. Cedar Point is located on the Lake Erie and the mile long white sand beach is its outdoor attraction.

Cedar Beach

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It was basically fishing and hunting site which was developed into a beachside vacation spot. Today it is better known for its amusement park and it houses four roller coasters of over 200 feet height and it is the only park in USA to have so many high ones.

South Beach, Miami for People Watching

South Beach is the oldest of the Miami beaches to be developed and one of the most active beaches in USA. It actually consists of the southernmost 23 blocks of Miami Beach and separates the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The region went through many changes over the years. With the influx of more and more gays and lesbians this place has become one of the most active areas of gay movement.

South Beach Miami

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Meanwhile the South Beach also developed as a popular tourist destination. Recently, the newly elected mayor of Miami allowed holding the Miami Beach’s Gay Pride Celebration and now it is one of the top attractions of the area. Many other gay activities are held here every year and such activities make South Beach one of the best beaches to watch people watching.

Manhattan Beach, California for the Singles

Those who are traveling single and want some good company can choose Manhattan Beach, California. There are so many things to do that one will never feel lonely. It is said that all one need sin Manhattan Beach is a bathing suit and a pair of flip flops.

Manhattan Beach, California

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The area hums with activity all the year round. You will have roller-bladers zooming past you and also some idyllic moments in a beachside coffee shop. But you will never feel left out. If you are not joining anyone for a game of beach volley then you must be listening to some music or if the surf is right then surfing on some of the fine waves that the sea could generate.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York for Nightlife

Coney Island is actually a peninsula in the southern part of Brooklyn, NY. It has long beaches and it was one of the first areas in USA to have a full fledged amusement park. It saw its heyday in the early 20th century but decline din popularity after the World War II.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York for Nightlife

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However, it has again regained its lost glory and today it is one of the best beaches to have a vibrant nightlife with numerous shows and bars all along the ocean front. The beach is around 4 km in length and the entire stretch has a boardwalk. Almost all the main attractions of Coney Island are accessible from this boardwalk. Every Friday during the season, there are fireworks display on the beach and also on selected Saturdays when there are games of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Atlantic City, New Jersey for Boardwalk Tours

The boardwalk of the Atlantic City is the main attraction of this seaside city. It can be called the backbone of the city with all the activities taking place by its sides, there are several piers that lead the visitors to the various attractions of the city.

Atlantic city broadwalk

For properly enjoying the boardwalk culture of the city, it is best to take a Boardwalk walking tour. The tour takes one past the most famous attractions of the city including the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino and Hotel, the Trump Plaza, Showboat Casino and the famous Central Pier.

Beach not only means soft sand and breathtaking sunset. Some beaches are hub of activities while some beaches are just for solitary walks. Whatever may be the nature, each has its own attraction and there are hundreds of beaches across America which has their own characteristics and beauty.