Famous Celebrity Clubs In New York

If Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, New York is not far behind either. New York is the fashion capital of the world and celebrities are in and out of New York very frequently. New York has the best artists, writers, chefs and playwrights.

Celebrities usually cannot resist the lure of the Big Apple and if you are lucky, you could spot a celebrity during your stay there. If you are the star stuck kind who would do anything to meet a celebrity, there are quite a few cool places where they usually hangout.

Most Famous Celebrity Clubs in New York


Spelt this way SPiN is one of the most famous celebrity hangouts in New York. The name of the club is very deceptive as it is not the coolest dance club in town but a whopping 13,000 sq.ft Ping Pong social club.


Co-owned by Susan Sarandon, this club was featured in Nurse Jackie. If you decide to take a peep inside the club, you could well find Scarlett Johansson or Jets Quarter Back Mark Sanchez chilling out there. A host of other celebrities also drop by when they are in New York and SPiN must be top of your list for the best celebrity hangouts.


Located below the STK Steak House in the meatpacking district, Tenjune is considered one of the best celebrity clubs in New York. The celebrities who frequent this place include P. Diddy, Cuba Gooding Jr., Janet Jackson and LL Cool J.

Famous Celebrity Clubs In New York

This massive club has three different parts, each with a different vibe. There is one room that has the DJ right in the centre and another semi-private room that has soft purple furnishing. Tenjune played host to one of Britney Spears’ birthdays as well.

Top of the Standard

This club previously known as Boom Boom Room is located on the 18th floor of The Standard hotel. To say that it has an impressive view would be putting it very lightly. The lighting in the club is really low and this hip lounge is frequented by celebrities like Mick Jagger, Madonna, Bono and Jude Law to name a few.

The 40/40 Club

Owned by Jay-Z, one of the biggest stars in the history of Hip Hop music, 40/40 is one name that should pop up when you think of celebrity clubs in New York.

The 40 40 Club

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It is an ultra cool sports club, where you can literally spot celebrities every night playing pool or just hanging out. If you are lucky, you could more often than not catch Jay Z and his wife Beyonce sipping drinks in the VIP section.


This impressive celebrity club in New York is designed by Lionel Ohayon and is a celebrity in itself. This upscale club spells luxury and romance and it leaves everyone spell bound. If you manage to get your sights off the club and look around, you could spot Lady Gaga, Alessandra Ambrosio and Beyonce.


Photo Credit: Seerpress.com

Get going to one of the celebrity clubs in New York and always dress to impress because before you know it, you could spot a celebrity and get a killer picture clicked.