Famous Landmarks In Alexandria, Egypt

Masked in magic and mysticism, the former capital city and the major port of Egypt, the Land of Pharaohs, Alexandria welcomes all to its scintillating sites and rich culture and heritage.

The city, which has its roots back in 331 BC when Alexander the Great founded this exhilarating place, today is a bustling cultural and tourist hub. A marvelous mishmash of the antique and the au courant, of magnificent monuments and beguiling beaches, of primeval pyramids and spectacular skyscrapers, Alexandria embraces a cornucopia of sites galore in its lap.

Although time has mellowed down much of Alexandria’s beauty, yet you will be enamored by a new mystery that gets unfolded with every visit to this enigmatic Egyptian city.

For The Book Buffs- Bibliotheca Alexandria

Bibliotheca Alexandria

Photo Credit: Dorma.com

A wonderful way to begin your journey to this delightful destination is to tour its Royal Library, a modern upgraded version of the bounteous Bibliotheca Alexandria, once the largest of all libraries in the world.

Encompassing a number of libraries, research centers, museums, permanent displays, and a conference center within its basket, the New Library has also been lauded for its impeccable architectural artistry. The colossal granite wall with alphabets of umpteen languages engraved on it is a fine testimony to this aspect. The Culturama and the planetarium are two other significant wings of this gorgeous edifice.

Pompey’s Pillar- A Colossal Landmark

Pompey’s Pillar- A Colossal Landmark

An outstanding creation reaching stupendous heights, Pompey’s Pillar was in reality built as a mark of ovation and adulation to the great Emperor of Rome Diocletian for his undaunted contribution towards emancipating his people from the pernicious jaws of a famine. The very thought of such a gigantic piece of red granite pillar being transported through the Nile evokes feelings of awe and amusement in the mind. Today, the pillar, which the French named Pompey’s Pillar, is one of the most frequented landmarks of Alexandria.

Roman Amphitheater- Roman Wonder

Roman Amphitheater- Roman Wonder

Photo Credit: Willwetravel.com

Imagine sitting atop the gargantuan structure overlooking the cyclopean performance area and getting drowned in the mellifluous singing concerts that are taking place several feet down.This is the feeling you will be enraptured with on visiting the Roman Amphitheater- one-of-its-kind excavated in the whole of Egypt. Though most of area is in debris, yet the immaculate marble seating constructions and the marvelous mosaic flooring are still worthy of great admiration.

Qaitbay Fort- A Captivating Alexandrian Landmark

Qaitbay Fort

Photo Credit: Palacetravel.com

An iconic edifice, the Qaitbay Fort had been raised to act as a bulwark to the renowned Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria that hovers around the crystal blue waters of the eastern Mediterranean harbor with great panache. Take a glimpse at the picturesque panoramic views of the whole of Alexandria’s impeccable beauty encompassing its meandering labyrinthine streets as well as the tranquil vision of the harbor overlooking the Old City.

The Catacombs of Kom El Shaqafa- Catafalques of the Dead

Photo Credit: Namasteegypt.com

On your trip to the scintillating city of Alexandria, you cannot afford to miss out on the arcane and cryptic Catacombs of Kom el Shaqafa- a beguiling array of burial grounds that have been entombing thousands of bodies since the 2nd Century AD.

As you trek down the 115  feet deep esoteric abysmal, sub-terrestrial chambers through the spiral staircases, you will be spellbound to see the rows of rooms embellished and adorned with beautiful wall carvings, a fine blend of the Roman, Greek and Egyptian artistry.

The sight of the sepulchral  sarcophagi and ostentatious dining halls truly conjure up images of the Egyptian Pharaohs or Roman Emperors reigning with their gold scepters in hands over their world of grandeur. Finally, adventure aficionados can have an electrifying time indulging in scuba diving  through the unfathomable underwater world of the Roman ruins to explore some fascinating landmarks comprising the Pharos Lighthouse, a Sphinx and the likes- an experience that is sure to leave an indelible impression on your mind.