Famous Music Festivals In Dorset, UK

The county of Dorset located in United Kingdom is an extremely scenic destination and is a hot spot for most travelers around the world. It is well known for its Jurassic heritage site.

music festivals in dorset

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This has been designated as a world heritage site by the UNESCO and dates back about a hundred and eight million years. It displays cliffs from the Jurassic, Triassic and the Cretaceous periods. However, what the countyof Dorsetis even more famous for is the large number of music festivals that it hosts throughout the year. If you wish to experience the music festivals in Dorset, UK then there are some really well known festivals that you should consider being a part of.

Famous Music Festivals in Dorset

Wimborne Music Festival

One of the most famous music festivals in Dorset, UK that you should try and be a part of is the Wimborne Folk Festival. This festival as the name suggests is all about the celebration of folk music. It takes place in the month of June in a town by the name of Wimborne.

Music Festival

Some of the popular features of this festival include English and Celtic music and dance. If you are looking to camp overnight at Wimborne during the festival then there is a campsite where you can put up at, only a few kilometers away from the main town area.

In addition to some fantastic music and dance, you will also to get to shop in some really quaint market stalls selling items such as jewelry, attire and gifts. A few of the well known artists who have performed at Wimborne festival are Elbow Jane, Tinderbox and Long Notes. Some of the dance teams which have appeared during this event are Steps in Time and Macaulay Scottish Dancers.

Endorse It In Dorset Festival and Best of Dorset Music Festival

The Endorse It in Dorset Festival is one of the music festivals in Dorset, UK which you should witness in order to enjoy the best possible musical experience. This is a musical event that takes place in the village by the name of Sixpenny Handley.

dorset music festival

You will get to see various bands perform different genres of music at this festival such as ska, pop, indie, reggae, rock and punk. The festival comprises of five different stages. These are the Bus Bar Stage, Purple Purge Stage, wing on Casino Stage, Desmond Dekker Stage and Wildcat Stage.

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Another one of the music festivals in Dorset, UK which you can visit in order to listen to some really great music is Best of Dorset Music Festival which occurs during June. It consists of a large barn filled with bars that are equipped with authenticDorset cuisine. At this festival you will get to witness regional musical performances as well as performances by artists from all over theUnited Kingdom.

The music festivals in Dorset, UK are really a treat that you should not deprive yourself of, if you are a lover of music. The enchanting music coupled with the heart warming weather is indeed a treat for every tourist.