Five Best Beaches of Greece

To decide the best beaches of Greece is matter of grave justification. There are several beaches in Greece. Some of them have got fie soft white sand and azure colour sea water, while some others are located in midst of stunning natural surrounding.

Each year loads of beach lovers and holiday makes come over to Greece to enjoy. Greece is an ideal destination for a beach lover.

Beaches: There innumerable beaches in Greece. Among them the five best beaches are given below.

Balos: The beauty of Balos Beach is really extraordinary. The beach located in the midst of a dramatic landscape which is full of beautiful islets and mountains. The soft white sand and blue water of the sea have made this beach awesome. One can easily access this stunning beach while enjoying a cruise trip. This beach located in Chania.

Sarakiniko beach: This very beach is located in Elafonisos Island. Elafonisos Island is located at the southern end of Peloponnese. The beauty of the beach will make one spellbound. There are other extraordinary beaches in this island. Among them Simos Beach and Panagia beach are most famous. These beaches are beautiful and here one can also enjoy many water sports.

Egremnoi: This very beach is located at the West coast of Lefkada. The location of the beach is quite out of the way of the daily crowds of the place. Awesome scenic beauty, white sandy beach and crystal clear water have made this beach a fine place. One should not miss to see this very beach while travelling in Greece.

Myrtos: Myrtos is liked by tourists and locals not only for its beauty but also for its clean appearance. The white pebbles of the beach and clear water are surrounded by stiff cliffs here. Myrtos Beach is located at the western coast of Kefalonia.

Navazio: Navazio Beach is in Zakynthos. This beautiful beach can only be accessed by boats. In that sense this beach is quite isolated. The white sandy beach, deep blue water, the high cliffs have made this beach is really dramatic. There are some large caverns where one can have nice snorkelling experience. Apart from that there is a decaying shipwreck in the centre of the place. All these have made this beach an extraordinary one.