Five Star Hotels In Chennai, India

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities in the diverse country of India. It is one of those places that are visited by thousands of people every year not only from within the nation but also from around the globe. Whether you make a trip to Chennai on business purposes or just to spend some memorable days to explore the attractions of the city, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill.

Booking a hotel is one of the pre-requisites that you need to look after. If you don’t have a specific budget to follow and if you want the ultimate luxuries while touring, then nothing like checking yourself in a five star hotel. There are some perfect options in Chennai where five star hotels are concerned. Here is a simple travel guide that will broaden your horizons about the same-

Guide to Five Star Hotels in Chennai

Taj Connemara Hotel

If you are someone who is really keen to get close to the rich heritage and culture of the city then staying at Taj Connemara Hotel is the ideal option. The interiors and the architecture of the place will give you an ancient feel and make it an out of the box experience for you.

Taj Connemara Hotel

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The name itself is a brand all around the globe and guarantees a world class service to all their guests. Not only is the environment totally comfortable but also classy.

Chola Sheraton Chennai

Another five star rated hotel in the city of Chennai that you can blindly consider staying at is the Chola Sheraton. There are approximately 92 rooms in the hotel that are categorized according to amenities provided and rates.

Suites are also available for those who do not have a strict budget to follow. They promise to offer the finest services and facilities to their guests along with all the basic amenities that you can expect from a five star hotel.

Radisson GRT Hotel

Another five star hotel that is a brand name in the entire country of India and not only in Chennai is the Radisson GRT. Also, the close distance of the hotel to the airport of the city is an added benefit for those who consider staying here.

Radisson GRT Hotel

There are more than 100 rooms in the hotel, each with European style interiors. Café, bar and restaurant options are available under the same roof to enhance your taste buds as well as to help you loosen your strings for a while with some great drinks.

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The Park Pod

Richness, lavishness and sophistication are some of the key elements that can be connected with The Park Pod. The contemporary look of the place is something that will take you off your feet! Along with all the facilities in the guestrooms, they have some additional features like an Italian restaurant, pool bar and water bar. Some other golden opportunities for the guests include spa treatments, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi, baby sitter availability, gym, pool and more.

The Park Pod

These are some of the top most five star hotels in Chennai, India. However, there are more to the city when it comes to ideal hotels. No matter which place you finalize, make sure you compare the rates before making the bookings.

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