Florida’s St. Petersburg

The most distinguished city of St. Petersburg is in Russia, but this article explores Florida’s Sunshine City, fondly called St. Pete by the locals. Florida is generally one of the popular tourist destinations; St. Petersburg too draws countless visitors to its bright and sunny lands. This city is situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.St. Petersburg is a good vacation destination; not only its beaches but the rich culture too makes it worth a visit. It has many museums such as the History Museum, Salvador Dali Museum and Holocaust Museum. There is also a museum especially for children called Great Explorations.

Museum of Fine Arts
The highlight of the museum scene is the Museum of Fine Arts. Started in 1965, it recently underwent an expansion that enhanced its size and features. Apart from the many splendid works of art on display here, there is a sculpture garden and a library. Refreshments and merchandise are available within the premises although art lovers should try to attend the lectures and guided tours in the museum.

The St. Petersburg Pier
Travelers can enjoy the varied attractions at St. Petersburg Pier. It has many good restaurants and a food court. You can keep your souvenir shopping for until you visit the Pier as it has many gift and souvenir stores. Of course, this place is not just about shopping and eating. There are outdoor activities for those who love adventure – sailing, fishing, dolphin sightseeing and sailboat and electric boat rentals. The Pier Aquarium is another sightseeing attraction at St. Petersburg Pier.

Sunken Gardens
The Sunken Gardens are a paradise. The tropical wonder of these Gardens is blended with waterfalls and pools. Bougainvilleas, orchids, and royal palms adorn the display of this green sanctuary. Visitors need to pay a fee in order to enter the garden.

The history of the Sunken Gardens began in 1903 when George Turner Sr. started his private garden and later turned it into a nursery. The popularity of the Gardens increased gradually; the Sunken Gardens were once ranked among the top ten commercial attractions in Florida.

St. Petersburg is one of the best places to spend an idyllic holiday. Visit St. Pete and have a wonderful time in Florida’s Sunshine City!