Free Attractions In Georgia

Georgia is one the most popular American states situated on the South-east. The name comes after the King George II. The history and rich culture mixed with the fast paced life in the cities especially the capital city of Atlanta makes Georgia one of the most visited tourist spots.

The amazing climate during summer makes it a great vacationing destination for families all around the globe.Like all other places, Georgia too has many free attractions for a tight budget traveler. Most of the historic sites and museums allow free entry and so does big parks and gardens. Here’s a list of some of the free Georgia attractions.

The Must-Visit Columbus Museum

Columbus Museum

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Built in the year 1953, this amazingly rich in arts and culture museum should definitely be on the top of your “things to do in Georgia” list. You’d be amazed to find some of the world class drawings and arts by Whistler and Homer. There are many artifacts on display dating back to the Radical Reconstruction period. A drawing enthusiast can treat her/his eyes by looking at some of the classics from the 18th -19th century. A very bright and colorful Columbus Museum is one of the free attractions in Georgia. Visit the official website to know more about it.

Enjoy The Flora At State Botanical Garden in Georgia

Botanical Garden in Georgia

You’d find every American state boasting about its botanical gardens showcasing some of the rarest varieties of flora, so much greenery and an absolutely must visit place for nature lovers. There are lots of activities for free like feeding the birds, playing grounds for children or simply touring the gardens and clicking snapshots to treasure them all your life. You’d find fountains and sculptures made of bronze apart from a 5 mile track for hikers to have an amazing view of the animals in the wild. All this for free. Yes, State Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of the free attractions in Georgia.

Visit Historical Places for Free

Visit Historical Places for Free

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Some of the free attractions in Georgia are various museums and sites of historic importance such as the Martin Luther King Junior’s birth place and its neighborhood. You get to visit his house for free. Get your tour reserved. All reservations are done and handled by the National Park Service Visitor Center. Go to the King Center which is very close to this one.Have a look at the Eternal Flame and Freedom Hall without paying a penny. Isn’t it lovely? To get more information you can always log into

free attractions in Georgia

There are many more free attractions in Georgia. One being Sacred Heart Cultural Center which is a great place to see art exhibitions as well as be a part of festivals and cultural shows. It is a perfect place for family. There are lot of activities for everyone.View great presentations, movies and very informative seminars. You can enter for free and have a lovely time.

The above mentioned are some of the free Georgia attractions. What more do you ask after getting so many things to see, that too for free?

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