Ghost Towns And Tourism In New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the most vibrant states in the country of America. It was once home to several outlaws in the American Wild West region including the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid. The tourism website of the state of New Mexico states that there are as many as sixteen ghost towns and eight former movie sets which are extremely popular and a must visit for all travelers.

If you are a tourist in the American state of New Mexico, then there are some ghost towns and tourism in New Mexico that you should certainly consider visiting in order to truly understand the history and the culture of the place.

Popular Ghost Towns in New Mexico

Spotting of UFO and Other Ghostly Activities

One of the most well known ghost towns and tourism in New Mexico places which you should visit as a tourist in the city is the La Fonda Hotel.

La Fonda Hotel.

This is a very famous hotel that was destroyed as well as rebuilt many times. It is located in Santa Fe and is reportedly inhabited by ghosts. According to the local legends, the ghosts of the visitors who died in this hotel continue to haunt the hotel.

Another well known place for ghost towns and tourism in New Mexico which you should also consider visiting is Roswell. In the decade of the early nineteen forties, a rancher living here had discovered what is known as a flying saucer. It was believed by many that this flying saucer was a UFO. The government of New Mexico conducted an inspection after the discovery of the object, following which it was deemed merely as a weather balloon.

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Other Ghost Towns in New Mexico

If you are interested in the idea of discovering ghost towns and tourism in New Mexico, then one place that you should certainly visit is Old Mesilla. This is one of the most well known ghost towns in the state of Mexico. It used to be inhabited by the renowned and affluent Maes family. The ghosts of Inez and Armando, a couple who lived in this house are believed to haunt the place.

Old Mesilla

Another very popular place for ghost towns and tourism in New Mexico that you should visit, when touring the state, is Elizabeth Town. This is a deserted old area which was at one point in time inhabited by a man by the name of Charles Kennedy. According to legend, he offered his house as a lodging site for visitors and then murdered them.

He also stole their belongings. A local rancher by the name of Clay Allison had formed a group in order to search out the home. During the search operation a large number of bones were discovered in the house. You can find quite a number of interesting ghost towns that you can visit in the state of New Mexico in order to have a thrilling travel experience in the state. By visiting these places, you will enjoy a most adventurous experience in the state.