Go RVing, A Fabulous Way To Enjoy The Holidays

RVing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. If you are wondering what are RVs, then let’s expand the letters. These are Recreational Vehicles, those camping cars and motor-homes that you like to drive across the picturesque highways. It is one of the best ways to explore the country, at one’s own pace and will.

RV Travel

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Naturally the first question that will come to your mind is why should you go RVing? But before that you will have to identify the benefits of travel and vacation.

It is said that one vacation in a year can reduce the risk of heart attack, solve sleep related problems to some extent, improve relationship and also contribute to success in career and improve productivity at workplace. RVing lets you enjoy your vacation to the fullest and the final result is that you come back enriched with all the benefits of vacation. RVs are great binders. Yes, they help a family to bond better as the whole family gets to spend all the time together. Also when RVing you will be less stressed as you will be in control for the whole trip. The biggest relief is you will not have to pack up every time you move from one place to another. As far as food is concerned, you will not have to depend on others if you want to have something special. You can prepare it yourself in your pantry.

The RV advantage of cost

Cost is the greatest factor that tilts favors towards RV than anything else. When you compare the cost of a RV vacation to the price of airline tickets for the whole family, the cost of car rentals, hotels and dining out, you will find that the cost gets reduced by anything from 40 to 65 per cent depending on the places visited.


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This calculation is made after taking into consideration all factors like rv-ownership cost, all matters related to maintenance and insurance, depreciation, etc. Naturally, when you bring along your own home and food, the price is got to be less.

Healthier Way to Travel

The first advantage that you have when RVing is that you have time under your control. You do not have to run to catch flights or wait long hours at the airport for check in. You also have the flexibility of stopping wherever you want and enjoy the sights and sounds. So there is no embargo on time and you can spend how much time you want. These things keep you away from stress and that means that you enjoy the benefit of a vacation in its true sense. The camp grounds are great places to make acquaintances.

RV Healthy Way To Travel

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Unlike hotels where every guest is holed up in their own rooms, the campers and recreational vehicles owners get to mix with each other on the open camp grounds. It is easy to carry bikes and skis on a RV vacation. So whenever you feel that you should go out and enjoy nature, then you will not have to worry. Similarly you will not have to depend on the restaurants and hotels to serve you your delicacy.  You can simply make it in the pantry or out in the open in the camp-grounds.

The RV – Owned or Rented?

There are many varieties of RVs starting from the simple tow along trailers to the luxury motor homes. It all depends on the amount you can spend and the amenities you want. Generally these are categorized into classes A, B and C. the Class A motor-homes are the luxurious bus like large ones where there are all the luxuries one can ask for. The Class B motor-homes are the minivans converted to campers.

Rv Interiors

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These are the smallest of the three and can sleep two persons comfortably. The class C motor-homes are larger than the Class B ones and are distinguishable from the bunk bed above the driver’s cabin. By far these are the most popular ones.

You can buy a motor-home if you want to use it frequently. But since this is not always the way to spend family vacations, people often rent such RVs when they feel like. This not only reduces maintenance cost, but also ensures that they get the right type of vehicle depending on the trip.

Some Basic RV Tips

The first thing that everyone going on a RV vacation should do is to maintain the RV and camping etiquette. Then comes the other matters. These include checking the RV before you start your trip. After all it is a machine and you must make sure that it is at top of its health so that it does not give trouble midway. The next is planning the trip. Map out the route and where you are going to park your RV for the night. Find all the camping grounds and have their number. If you are thinking of going on a RV trip during the holiday season, check with the camp grounds early. Or else you might find it difficult to park your vehicle.

Rv tips

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Pack lightly but wisely. Do not think that you are taking your house along. So be judicious in what you choose. A well packed first aid unit is a must. See that your gas, water and electrical systems are properly connected and are working properly. The vacation is for enjoyment and that means you should not leave out the entertainment unit. If kids are accompanying then you must remember that they are less interested in seeing the natural beauty and may not feel comfortable with driving all the day. So set aside some time for them and accompany them around the camp ground so that they can easily mix up with other kids there. Since RVing allows you to take your pet along, make sure that all the camp grounds allow them.

Whatever may be the preparation, there is nothing better than learning from those who have first hand experience. So ask for more tips from the friends and relatives who are already in to RVing.