Half Moon Cay- A Must-Visit Place

Half Moon Cay, also known as the Little San Salvador Island is a dream come true for those who want a fun and relaxing holiday. It is privately owned island of the Holland America Line.

Most of the cruises that this company offers are en-route Half Moon Cay, and there is usually a stopover of a full day at the island. From your ship, you will of course love the view that you get of the island. But more than that, you will love the small boat ride that is required from the ship to the island, and then back to the ship.

At Half Moon Cay, it is almost like some kind of celebration going on. You will find so many activities to do there ranging from water sports to enjoying different kinds of foods, to beach shopping and other fun activities. There are also special courts over there for playing sports such as volleyball and basketball.

Among water sports, most people prefer to go for parasailing and scuba diving, but you can also choose from many other things such as cycling, boat rides with a glass bottom, snorkelling, fishing, and even jet-skiing.

There are facilities at the island for all kinds of water sports, and you will even find trained staff over there for your protection and safety. Equipment, gear and water toys are all available over there for renting at reasonable rates.

Kids will especially love the whole feel of the island, because even they will find many activities to interest them. If you are not really the adventurous type and want to just have a relaxing day, then you can easily choose to lie down and enjoy the sun.

Since it is a private island, you can be assured of great services for almost anything that you want to do. And this also means that there is a lot of scope for customisation.

You can choose activity plans that suit the needs of the whole family, or just go there for some relaxing time with your spouse. Currently considered to be one of the best private islands of the world, Half Moon Cay is definitely a place worth visiting.