Highland Gardens: Some Exotic Horticultural Surprises

Scottish Highlands are known to be wild and bleak but horticulturist have taken the landscape on stride and have produced Highland gardens that can take any nature lover by surprise. The original landscape of Scottish Highlands is characterized by tough and low plants.

The trees do not grow like Coniferous plants and are generally twisted and bent because of strong winds. The landscape and climate also doesn’t appear to support tenderness of flora. Highland gardens of Scottish Highlands set an example of human excellence and success even in the worst of situations. These gardens are sure to take you by surprise.

Inverewe Gardens, Poolewe

Inverewe is basically a wooden garden that has benefited from an unexpected mild climate. The garden has traditional trees such as calm and eucalyptus. The garden has been walled with herbaceous borders and an assortment of showy rhododendrons. The stunning views of the coast and the Loch Torridon that lies towards the south and west can enthrall you.

This garden has benefited a lot because of its location that is towards the west coast of Scotland. Near the south facing coasts, the waters get balmy by the Gulf Stream, thus aiding in the survival of this garden. In fact, Inverewe is the most visited garden in Scotland. The garden is opened throughout the year and he admission charge is around £8.

Abriachan Garden, Loch Ness

This garden is situated towards Loch Ness’s northern shore. It is one of the most promising tourist spot. The garden offers stunning views of the Monadhliath Mountains. The garden is set between dense forests and walking through the link, you will be able to reach Abriachan Forest Trust. From here you can find them easy entrance to the hills.

Cawdor Castle Gardens

Cawdor Castle is a Scottish tower house that belongs to the 14th century. The garden is located only a few miles towards the west of Inverness. The castle is well known attraction. This garden is the oldest of these three and it dates back to seventeenth century. Being a major attraction for visitors, families and horticulturists, the garden proffers an all-inclusive ticket for £8.30 ticket.