Historical Places Of Moscow

Moscow is one of the central cities of Russia. Moscow has witnessed several ups and downs in the history of Soviet Union better say Russia. There are several things commemorating those important milestones of history of Russia.

One should not miss to see the things that are historically important while travelling in Moscow. After visiting these historical places one can easily gather sound knowledge about Moscow’s past. A trip to Moscow is really extraordinary.

Attractions: One of the most important historical places of Moscow is obviously Kremlin. It is actually the symbol of the Russian State. This is the place that had witnessed all the massive changes in the history of Russia, like: terror of Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon watching Moscow burn, Lenin forming the reign of proletariat, Gorbachev’s ‘perestroika’ and also Yeltsin’s idea of the modern day Russia.

One should devote a whole day to see Kremlin thoroughly. One can easily avail daily tours that are arranged by the Kremlin Excursion Office. The tour used to cover Kremlin, armoury, Kremlin cathedrals and many other things. Apart from that there are many guided tours available here. Lubyanka Building is another important thing to see in Moscow.

This massive and eerie building is situated on the Lubyanka Hill. This was once the headquarter of KGB. At present this is the one of the central office of Federal Security Bureau. Memorial Synagogue at Poklonnaya Hill is actually a memorial to Holocaust victims. This also served as the Russian Jewry. One can easily avail guided tour here. If you want the tour in English you have to book earlier.

‘Memorial to the Victims of Totalitarianism’ is located at the southeaster part of the famous Square. This Memorial is situated in a small garden. It is a single stone slab and it has come from the area of the notorious labour camp of Solovetsky Island of the White Sea. The White House of Moscow is one of the most important places in the recent Russian history.

This is the place where Boris Yeltsin rallied the opposition in 1991. In 1993 here Boris Yeltsin sent tanks and troops to gun down his conservative rivals. These two events have changed the face of modern-day Russia. Later Prime Minister Putin had his office in the White House.