Hoildays in Aruba- Accommodations and Things to Do in Aruba

Do you like lying on the beaches and basking in the sun? Are you among the summer chasers who like to keep the sun in sight? If planning a tropical escape to beat the winter is your vacation motto, then plan for Aruba holidays!

Yes, this tiny Caribbean Island is a part of the popular ABC island group that includes Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Aruba lies in the northern side of Venezuela coast. Being near the equator, Aruba is sunny and warm throughout the year. This makes Aruba holidays quite popular among summer chasers.

Aruba Holidays for Caribbean Vacation

Among other Caribbean vacation packages, Aruba has gradually gained popularity owing to its varied culture, tourist attractions and warm climate. Tourists need not fear about thunderstorms and bad climate in Aruba. This Caribbean island is free from typhoons and harsh weather conditions. This makes Aruba holidays even more popular.

Any time is the best time to visit Aruba for holidays. Typically, the low season begins in middle of April and lasts until middle of December. This does not mean you keep away from Aruba. Only August to October is extremely hot and humid and you may plan Aruba holidays before or after these months.

Aruba Holidays and Accommodations

Trade winds constantly keep blowing all around the year in Aruba. This helps to maintain a moderate tropical marine climate in Aruba. There are plenty of accommodations and excellent amenities for tourists since tourism is a prime occupation in Aruba. There are all types of hotels and resorts to suit any budget. From low cost motels to five star resorts, you can enjoy all-inclusive Aruba holiday packages.

You can stay in Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba or near the beaches either at Palm Beach or Eagle Beach resorts. Ideally, the peak tourist season in Aruba is from Mid-January to middle of April.

It is Aruba Carnival and music festival time in January until April in Aruba. Moreover, travelers hit the beaches of Aruba in these months to escape the harsh cold winter season in rest of the US. Hotels and resorts also hike their prices during these months.
If you have a strict budget, you can plan to visit Aruba in the low season. This is from May to November when you can also enjoy horse races, tennis tournaments, fishing competitions, windsurfing competitions and many other activities in Aruba. As winds become gustier in the month of June, wind surfers hit the Aruba beaches and compete in the Hi Winds challenge. You can also relax on the beach and be a spectator to this event.

Things to Do in Aruba and Sightseeing

From guided tours in the Arikok National park to jeep tours and submarine tours there is a lot to explore in Aruba. Among other things to do in Aruba, you can visit Fort Zoutman, Archaeological Museum, Numismatic Museum, Aloe Vera Factory and do a lot of shopping in Aruba.

Kids can also enjoy these places and learn a lot about Aruba history, culture and heritage. You can also visit the Ostrich farm, butterfly farm and Donkey sanctuary where the kids can help in the regular chores and know about endangered species. These activities in Aruba make the place a good choice for family vacations too.

The number of direct flights to Aruba from other key tourist hubs has recently increased. Reserve your flight tickets and hotel or resort rooms well in advance for low priced deals. All-inclusive Aruba holiday packages and cheap Aruba vacation deals are available online.

You can also check with local hotels, resorts and travel agents in Aruba for holiday deals and packages. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan your vacation on the turquoise blue beaches of Aruba, and relax under the sun.