Holidaying in Dubai

Dubai is a good holiday spot for a family with kids. It is a place which needs a relatively good budget. If you are looking at not spending too much then this is not the place for you as you will not be doing justice to your holiday.Dubai is amongst the safest places in the world and the crime late is very low due to the fact that there are harsh laws for petty crimes. It is so safe that people need not fear if they have locked their homes also. If you forget something in the taxi, be it cash or luggage or anything you can be rest assured you will be able to get it back.

There are lots of shopping malls in Dubai and these have all the brands that one would like to buy. The Dubai Mall is so huge that you can spend up to two days shopping and even that may not be enough. Some other good malls are City Centre and The Mall Of The Emirates which also house all sorts of brands and stuff and are also very good.

All these malls have activity centres for children where you can pay money and safely leave your children and go shopping. There is loads of stuff for them to do. Some malls also have rides for children and they also enjoy the experience while you enjoy your shopping. Most of the malls give on hire small strollers for the kids so you need not carry them. Some strollers have mini televisions showing one or two cartoons so that the child need not bother you while you shop.

Besides shopping you must go on the dessert safari. This starts at about five every evening and you need to buy tickets for it. So plan in advance. This involves a very experienced driver taking you across the sand dunes in an SUV. This is an experience of a life time. There are times you feel the car will fall off the dunes. Do not go after eating a heavy meal or if you have a heart condition or if pregnant. This is something you must not miss.