Honeymoon in Japan

A perfect honeymoon is the next best event after a perfect marriage. The perfect destination for a honeymoon plays a very important role. Japan promises a memorable honeymoon trip for a lifetime. The island country presents a mixture of exciting city destinations, pure white sandy beaches, romantic resorts, and remarkable cultural highlights. For couples who love to drive, Japan provides them with the pleasure of driving and exploring big cities. Honeymoon couples can spend their evenings just by stopping at the nearby shopping malls and enjoying a rich and traditional artistic dinner.

Since Japan is the land of multiplicity, this itinerary will help to cover major attractions along with the hidden gems of the country.

The first stop would be at TOKYO. The capital of Japan and the largest city, Tokyo comes under Japan’s 47 regions. It is now known as a city rather than a region. The temples and shrines, namely Sensoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Yasukunj Shrine, and Zoioji Temple, add to the serenity of the city.

After Tokyo, Hakone would be the next preference with its mesmerizing resorts and hotsprings. The Mt. Fuji can be sighted on a clear sunny day from the Lake Ashinoko. Further is a beautiful historical town surrounded by the Japan Alps named Takayama. Next on the list would be the Shirakawago village famous for its thatched roof houses. These hidden gems of Japan are a must see once in a life time.

The Kyoto and Nara, previously capitals of Japan, share the historical and cultural charms of the country. In addition to this, exploring the gardens at the tranquil temple and the lively cobble-stone path would be a perfect choice.

Mount Koya is one of the finest sceneries to understand the real meaning of Japan. Shingon Buddhism is the one of the most well-liked Japan Buddhist sect where you will find massive number of temples located at the top of the mountain sheltered by trees. Last but not the least, a visit to the Heiwadai Park and its 67 year old Peace Tower is an unforgettable experience. The whole of Miyazaki city, near to the city of Hiroshima, can be viewed from the tower.

A honeymoon in Japan with all the above attractions, cuisines, and entertainments will surely leave positive, happy and fulfilled emotions. Have a Happy Honeymoon.