Hotel de Crillon, Paris: Experience The Luxury

A special trip can be more special and unforgettable if you choose the right place to stay. And that right place can be Hotel de Crillon, in fact with superb luxury and high profile treatment, the stay in Hotel de Crillon will exceed all your expectations. With the 18th century architecture and antique historical monumental building, this hotel welcomes you whole heartedly.

Located in the heart of Paris, the hotel is the center of major museums, rich culture and historical values. The Paris is no doubt one of the best tourist destinations in the whole world. And the city’s hospitality makes the touring more convenient for the tourists. This is one of the old buildings showcasing the old architecture which does have the periodical touch.

This giant architectural masterpiece consists of 147 guest rooms, and 44 suites including Presidential apartments, Leonard Bernstein and Luis XV suites. With that 140 square meters of terrace, wood paneling, warm colors, large windows allowing enough light into the rooms, and the most impressively magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower and the city Paris. Thus, the Hotel de Crillon’s success in the Hotel business for many decades is its excellent professionalism and uncompromised quality.

Now comes to the other important services of the Hotel de Crillon. The hotel provides 8 reception and meeting rooms with the capacity of 350 people, keeping in mind the corporate needs. Also for the small meetings the hotel has rooms accommodating 30 people. The hotel culinary items boast typical French cuisines which are supervised by the certified experienced chefs. The golf course and VIP amenities for the children are also provided. Also the special programs for dogs are arranged by the management.

Thus the super skilled management of the Hotel is constantly inventing new ways and researching on various new ideas to make sure that they retain their quality and reputation which has been earned due to many years’ journey.

The hotel has special zone for the fitness enthusiasts, children, shopping centers, theaters and museums. Also it has proper space for jogging and running. And the Internet facilities are much faster. Dining on the site and exquisite retreat are also offered. The Hotel de Crillon is qualitative and creative.

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