Hotels In France

France is a world-class country located in Western Europe. It is a major power in the world and has a say in international decisions. It is a very scenic place and is flocked by tourists all through the year. It has been voted as the ‘most romantic’ country in the world.

It has many beautiful places and is a great place to visit. Besides places of interest, it is also famous for various luxurious hotels it has to offer to tourists. Some of them are:

Le Royal Monceau: Located in the capital city Paris, it is a classic luxury hotel. Designed by the widely acclaimed Philippe Starck, each corner of the hotel has a charm of its own. It is situated close to Arc-de-Triomphe and Champs-Elysees. It also houses the largest indoor pool in the city. It is a favored destination for artists, dreamers and adventure enthusiasts.

Hotel De Crillon: Again located in Paris, Hotel De Crillon is luxurious hotel preferred by the high class of the society. It is situated right in the heart of Paris. It is close to the museums’ area. It has 147 rooms for guests and special VIP suites. It has a large terrace offering a spectacular view of the beautiful city of Paris.

Chateau La Cheneviere: It is located close to the Omaha Beach. Home to ancient trees and a very impressive rose garden, it is a treat to visit this hotel. It is in Normandy, France. It has a royal feel about it. Large spacious rooms, excellent interiors and an impeccable overlooking park ensure that the tourists leave with a fond memory.

Some of the Budget Hotels in France are:

Hotel Louvre Bons Enfants: A 3 star hotel, it is a great place to stay for those looking for cheaper options. It is located close to the world famous Louvre. Nice ambience, impressive hospitality and pocket-friendly rates make it popular.

Hotel Jardins De Paris: Again a 3 star hotel located in Paris, it is situated very close to The Train Station of Gare de Lyon. Cheap accommodation and great room service make it a favored place to stay in the capital.

There are many hotels one can choose from depending on their budget and requirement.

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