How To Find Luxury Hotels In Comoros

Located off the eastern African coast in the Indian Ocean is Comoros, an archipelago. Comoros is located between Madagascar and Mozambique with Seychelles to the Northeast. Moroni on the island of Grande Comore, is the capital of Comoros.

It has about 800,000 people living on the island and is the third smallest in terms of population but has one of the highest population densities. The official languages of the Union of Comoros are Comorian, Arabic and French. Comoros is a volcanic archipelago and is made up of four main islands – the Grande Comore or Ngazidja, Anjouan or Nzwani, Mohéli or Mwali and Mayotte from north to south in the respective order.

Find Luxury Hotels In Comoros

Grande Comore

First you must go to Grande Comore, which is the biggest island in Comoros. Grande Comore has an active volcano and this is a huge tourist attraction. There are plains and rainforests as well. Get yourself booked into Le Galawa Beach Hotel.

How to Find Luxury Hotels in Comoros

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Considered to be one of the best in Comoros, this hotel has everything and more you can ask for. To make an all inclusive room reservation you could call 011 (+269) 78-8118. It has a spectacular beachfront and you can just laze in there and enjoy the sunset.

Chindini Beach

Another great place you can explore is the Chindini beach in Grande Comore. It is located in the southernmost tip of Grande Comore and is an ideal beach picnic spot.

Chindini Beach

You could also go to the capital city of Moroni and look for a place to stay there. The capital is home to some amazing ancient monuments and tourist destinations like the Old Friday Mosque.


Alternatively you can travel around the Dziancoundre Waterfall, and bask in the luxury of the famous 15th century Sultan’s Palace. The pretty island of Anjouan, locally called Nzwani is another ideal beach holiday spot. The climate in Comoros is equatorial and there are dry summers while the rest of the year is very wet. Comoros hardly sees any winters and snow is completely unheard of here.

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luxury hotels in Comoros

Before you find luxury hotels in Comoros, you must first fly in to the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport that is located in the city of Hahaya, north of Moroni. You can travel to the other islands by little ships which would generally take you about 4 hours to reach. Alternatively, you can fly to these islands and it would not take more than half an hour to go from one destination to the next.

You can visit Comoros and get a two-week visa as soon as you reach the island. You can explore all the four islands and make friends with the locals who might be able to show you some unexplored spots or islands. Learn the local names of all the islands as the French names are not very popular with the tourists. Comoros welcomes tourists with open arms so go there and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.