How To Rent A Camel In Cairo

Egypt is certainly one of the most popular tourist spots in the world and many of the tourist attractions in Egypt are situated around Cairo. That’s why most of the tourists like to stay in Cairo and move around to see the places of interest.

Though there are different modes of transportation available in Cairo, wandering through the streets of Cairo on the back of a camel has its own fun, especially if you want to experience the true essence of Egypt.

However, hiring a camel in Cairo can be a difficult task. There are some scamsters that pry into the affairs of the tourists and try to hoax them if they get the slightest opportunity. So, you must follow certain rules before you hire a good guide and camel. This is important if you really want to make a memorable trip to Egypt.

How To Rent A Camel In Cairo

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The camel trips in Egypt are available in plenty near the great pyramids of Giza. You can rent the camel at the entrance of the Giza plateau. Another option to rent camel is in front of the Sphinx. However, before you rent a camel, you should determine your budget. There are some inexpensive package tours that include camel ride. However, the riding time will greatly vary according to the price.

Generally, the tourists have to pay around $25 Egyptian dollar per head for a camel ride in Cairo. This excludes the tips that are mandatory for every tourist. The ideal way to deal with this is to talk frankly before renting a camel. Otherwise, the price may go much higher. Before taking any service, ask whether that will cost anything extra. For example, the guide may offer you to be photographed. But, in return, he may ask you for a heavy price plus an additional tip. So, be careful.

It is important that you be ready for bargaining. There are agencies that will offer you camel riding that may appear cheap up front. But, during your camel riding, they may offer you some services for which they will charge extraordinarily high amount of money. However, always be polite and patient.

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Apart from the money, you should also check out the condition of the camel. Unfortunately, most of the camels there are underfed and feeble. So, you may have to be careful when you choose one of them. However, don’t go for a camel that is wounded or that looks beaten. Check out the stable where it stays. If it is not clean, look for other options.

Before riding on the camel, make sure that you explain your plan to the guide. The best way to avoid scams is to specify how long you want to ride on the camel and whether you want any photograph. Sometimes, the guides take you quite distant off the place and then ask you for more money to take you back to the spot.

While riding on camel, make sure that you sit properly. Remember, you are not riding on horse and there is a difference between riding a horse and a camel. Don’t sit astride as you do on the back of a horse and follow the instruction of the guide properly.