How To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Reno

The city of Reno is the fourth most populated cities in Nevada and is also termed as “The biggest Little City in the World”. This city is not only home to gambling sports but it also has a unique wild-west feel to it and also offers great wildlife, nature trips and parks.

  Perfect Weekend In Reno

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Reno has its own charm and character to it with is cafés and museums. It is considered as a great second option to Las Vegas which is bigger and livelier. If you what to avoid the extreme summers and winters plan your weekend trip around the spring and the fall seasons. This is the most pleasant time of the year here in Reno and will make your weekend simply unforgettable.

Leisure Walks and The River Front

To spend the perfect week end in Reno, just start with a relaxing leisure walk through the downtown area and along the river front. Since there is a considerable increase in the number of shops, restaurants and art houses even a casual stroll will turn out to be very interesting.

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Reno is among the most favorite destinations for tourists and is also a great place for going on shopping sprees or splurge some relaxing times sipping coffee at the café patios. The children will love to play around the water front.  During colder season the riverfront is simply stunning with the beautifully lit up bridge and the trees making it one of the top favorite places in the city. Thousands of people from across the globe visit the river front every year for the many annual events that take place here.

Parks and Wildlife

The famous Truckee River is the one of the top attraction of Reno. If you have a passion for water sports the river’s Whitewater Park is the perfect destination. Situated in the Wingfield Park 2600ft of rapids this multi mullion dollar whitewater park is just perfect for kayaks, tiny water crafts and canoes. For a calmer option you can take a stroll along the beautiful Truckee River. The park offers perfect conditions of barbecues and picnics.

Wildlife in Reno

Alongside the river there is a beautiful gathering area where various concerts and events are hosted. There are also many shops, chic cafes, museums and restaurants along the river walkway. Take a trip to the northwest of downtown Reo to the Animal Ark. Animal Ark is a nonprofit nature center and its wildlife is spread across 38 acres of sanctuary. This Sanctuary featured some endangered and protected wildlife species and also features more than 30 non-releasable wild animals.

Night Life and Casinos

Night Life in reno

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To experience Reno’s increasingly active nightlife you can head to the First Street and vicinity of North Virginia you will also find many hopping bars in this part of the town. The city’s signature casinos are very vibrant and some of the best fun and colorful time can be spent here. For a bigger casino experience head towards the heart of the town for Vegas sized casinos. You can also choose to save some time to experience an excellent magic show which admits a very warm atmosphere. The city’s Magic Underground which is located beneath Pioneer Center is a great place for some magical time.

Brew It

coffee shops in Reno

There are good number of coffee shops in Reno’s down town area. Places such as the Dreamer’s Coffee House, Tahoe Roasting Co, Se7en Teahouse & Bar are some of the favorite places which are worth a visit. There are also many more such cafes, just waiting to be explored. Here in down town Reno you will find a couple of excellent coffee shops that serve some of the best coffee in Reno.

Music and Concerts

Spend your weekend listening to some great live music which is so much a part of Reno. The live music combined with the blissful ambiance will take you into trance. Many lounges and bar such as The Shot in the Arm Lounge situated on South Street also regularly offer live music and time just flies away when you are enjoying a drink here.

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Many casinos too offer live music and bigger casinos offer bigger showrooms and entertainment. Concerts such as the noon concerts in the park, the Rolling on the River Concert Series and many more programs are hosted in Wingfield Park along the Truckee River in down town Reno.

What’s Happening

Reno’s journal Newspaper – The Reno Gazette is available throughout and you can spend some of your weekend soaking up all the latest happenings and news of this lively city. For people whose passion is reading, you can also go through some interesting books at the University of Nevada bookstore. Make reading a quest and look out for that perfect book for you.

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