How To Time Your Trip To Cairo

Egypt’s capital Cairo which is one of Africa’s largest cities is one of the tropical tourist destinations too. Located on the bank of the legendary Nile River this city is known for its rich cultural heritage and places of tourist attractions.

It is famous for its awesome pyramids but Cairo is slowly waking up to modern civilization as well.  It also has lots of options for the shopping addicted tourists. The climate is not necessarily extreme but it is worsened by the rising pollution levels in the city. Some people think the time of Ramadan is not suited for coming to Cairo.

How To Time Your Trip To Cairo

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Best Time To Visit Cairo

Cairo is a tourist destination that witnesses millions of footfalls all over the year. However, the best time for visiting Cairo is during the winter season.
The months starting from November to March are the right time for visiting this city. However, the tourists should enquire well about hotel facilities during booking as some hotels may lack heating facilities. Some people come to the city in April as well which is the time of weather transition.

Why It Is The Best Time?

The winter months are apt for visiting Cairo because during these months the weather remains pleasant. The daytime temperature does not cross 25 degrees. This is ideal for people hailing from colder countries. The nocturnal temperature may dip to 10 degrees and occasional rainfall helps in clearing the air. Sunshine may give the tourists a miss during the winter months. It would be advisable for them to bring decent winter wear. However, the chill is not freezing as such.

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What Are The Other Times Preferable For Visit?

Time Your Trip To Cairo

If a tourist does not want to come to Cairo during the winter he/she can come in the following months, which are March to May. However, during this time the daytime temperature can soar up to 38 degrees. However, in these months hot ‘khamsin’ wind starts blowing from the deserts. During Christmas and Easter hotel prices go up and both occasions fall in the high season. The Egyptian springtime can also be chosen for seeing Cairo in its glory.

Which Time To Avoid?

The visitors can give the months from June to August a miss if they want to enjoy Cairo tour. The temperature can be unbearable for many tourists in these summer months. Cairo’s summer climate can also be humid at times which is rather unusual given its geographical location. While the European travellers would not prefer summer months for coming to Cairo this is the time a visitor can expect the least amount of crowd.

Major Attractions

Saqqara Pyramids

The visitors in Cairo must see the Saqqara Pyramids. This is nothing short of an architectural wonder. This area will require almost a day if the visitors need to explore everything in details. The Egyptian Antiquities Museum is another top tourist draw here. Its ancient Egyptian artifacts enthrall the viewers. The Heliopolis neighborhood is also worth a visit during Cairo tour. Cairo Tour is another tourist draw that attracts thousands of visitors.