How To Travel Alone Internationally

Traveling for jaunting and rejuvenation is highly essential for purification of mind, body and soul. Traveling opens up ones inhibitions, while exploring the world develops ones mental aptitude. In this fast paced life, people arrange family tours to spend time with loved ones. But, there are many for whom traveling means freshening up by spending time in solitude.

Today in the times of globalization, where the world has become a global village, human beings somehow have become too much interdependent and excessively occupied in social networking. On the face of it very few people recognize the value of traveling alone and exploring the world to nurture the solitude within. Traveling and exploring the world all alone is not a difficult task. By just keeping in mind a few simple steps, you can make international solo travel safe, memorable and ever exciting.

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Getting Passport and Visa Approval

The first tip to travel alone internationally is arranging for the passport. Remember, passport making could not be arranged in the last minute rush. So, before you plan to travel abroad get ready with your passport. Simultaneously, getting visa for the country you like to visit is also a bit time consuming. Once you get the consent from the High Commission of the country you need to visit, rest of the things could be arranged in almost no time.

Managing Your Finance

The most difficult part for solo travelers is managing finance. One needs to be extremely skillful while spending and making other crucial decisions like choosing hotels, hopping flights, dining outside, shopping, and planning itinerary. It is most advisable to carry cash, credit card, and also debit card of your bank for the most convenient currency exchange and cash withdrawal from the international ATMs.

As a solo traveler you need to be vigilant and beware of theft. You should bear in mind beforehand that even if you overspend your friends or family won’t be there to poke or stop you at the right time. So, before a financial crunch spoils your trip it’s always better to exercise frugality.

Preparing An Itinerary

Many people avoid solo traveling since preparing an itinerary all alone is quite a brain storming activity. But, the blessing in disguise for traveling alone is the fact that you can choose to travel to only those places you are interested in exploring. You don’t need to appease your co-travelers and forcefully visit the places of their interest.

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In the age of online media, traveling and planning an international itinerary trip has become much easier. Online travel guides give full information on flight fares, hotel rates, entry fees to museums and refreshment parks, popular food stations, shopping hubs and almost all information you will require on your international trip.

Enjoying The Most Out Of It!

Be self vigilant but don’t be over skeptical. Be it a man or woman solo traveler, one should keep in mind that the main aim of single traveling is mind and soul rejuvenation, which is not possible without experiencing spiritual and mystical essence of the place. It is hereby true that most of the single travelers choose unearthly or psychic places on their solo international travel.

Few of these popular places include the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, City of Bagan in Burma, Stonehenge in southern England, Nazca in the Peruvian desert, Easter Island or Rapa Nui in Pacific Ocean, Oak Island on Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia in eastern Canada, and The Bermuda Triangle in North Atlantic Ocean.

Rachna Pandya