Interesting Places In Iceland

Iceland otherwise known as Republic of Iceland is a small European country towards the north of Atlantic Ocean. This entire island is formed by volcanic activity, and the most amazing thing is that one can still witness volcanic action in many parts of this tiny islet.

Iceland has every possible reason that makes it as a worldly paradise with outlandish natural beauty. For example, it has pristine greenery with falling cascades, picturesque lakes, erupting geysers (including the world’s oldest known one) and pearly white glaciers with snow caps. This pretty landscape provides loads of activities for travellers who wish to have a different sort of experience like whale watching and glacier touring etc.

When and How to Reach There?

October and November are the best seasons to travel Iceland as one can get a glimpse of Northern light (an astronomical phenomenon called polar light or aurora Polaris). From September beginning till January end, one can avail striking deals in airfare and hotel accommodation rates as this period is considered as an off season .

This is the time when one can reap maximum benefits from loads of adventurous activities like skiing, snowmobiling etc. minus any rush .

Interesting places in iceland

This pretty landscape is well connected via air and water path. Regular flights (Iceland air, Iceland Express) are there from all major cities of Europe that ply all around the year.Like this those who want to go via water route, there are regular scheduled cruise and ferry services (Smyril Line) available.

Places To See in Iceland

There are a great number of places in this second largest European island that pulls the attention of every travel enthusiast; however some of the best places are Jokulsarlon lagoon, Dettifoss and Gullfoss Iceland and Geysir Iceland.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon

This is the largest glacier lagoon in the south eastern part of Iceland. This picturesque lagoon has incandescent icebergs floating all around its 17 square kilometres area. A guided boat trip in to the lagoon amid vividly sculptured icebergs is an excellent way of witnessing the Magna opus natural creation from a close angle.

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Dettifoss and Gullfoss, Iceland

Both Dettifoss and Gullfoss are two most enchanting waterfalls not only in Iceland but in entire European continent. Dettifoss fall is situated on river Jökulsá á Fjöllum in Vatnajökull National Park. This 45meter tall waterfall is about 100 meter wide that tumbles on to the lap of Jökulsárgljúfur canyon with amazing density.

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Like this Gullfoss(the golden water fall)is another vivacious cascade, that is located on the river Hvítá in south western Iceland. This waterfall follows the river fissure and then plunges down in three tiers with a 105 feet cascade .Watching the beauty of this golden cascade is truly magical as it creates an enigmatic hue of hundred rainbows around it.

The Great Geysir and Geyser (geothermal) Park, Iceland

It is a must see attraction in Iceland. The great Geysir is a huge hot spring in Haukadalur valley .It is the oldest known geysir in Europe which came into existence some ten thousand years ago but now it is dormant. It used to hurl boiling water and steam up to 70 meters into the air.

The Great Geysir ice land

Now one can witness its grand 18 meter wide and 20 meter deep orifice. In the park except the great geyser, there is one active geyser that erupts in every 10 minutes throwing super-hot water for about 20-30 meters height up in air.

Other than this geothermal park is a great place to see hissing steam vents, sulphurous mud pots of varying colours ,hot and cold springs etc.