Israel Tours- A Journey through the Holy Cities

Israel has always been a prime destination for religious visitors from all over the world. The country hosts some of the most significant historic and religious centers of the world and people from all faith flock these places on Israel tours during all seasons of the year.

Christians from around the world visit the country every year to tour the sites famous as the originating points of their faith. At the same time there are also holy sits for Jews and Muslim devotees.

Jews, for example, plan kosher tours to go back and explore anew their holy land and connect with the glorious history of the faith. Many Jews from outside the country of Israel also pay a visit to the ancient holy city of the world Jerusalem, now the capital of the state of Israel, to celebrate and observe their children’s Bar Mitzvah.


Jerusalem is in fact the prime destination for anyone visiting Israel. Apart from the places of religious significance, the city is steeped in history and as such, houses many important historic sites. So for anyone interested in ancient cultures, Jerusalem is a must visit.

At the same time however there are also places in Jerusalem which are fit for family travel. So anyone looking to have some fun and easy time during their Israel tours with family and children won’t be disappointed in Jerusalem either.

Other Holy Cities

Apart from Jerusalem, other prime holy cities in Israel are Nazareth, Jerico and Bethlem. All of these cities are well connected from Jerusalem through bus and train.

A few of the most famous sacred sites in Israel include ‘The Church of the Holy Sepulchre’, ‘The Western Wall and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem,‘ ‘The Shepherd’s field,’ The Garden Tomb’ and ‘Bethlehem- the Church of the Nativity’.

And once you have your fill of the sacred places, consider visiting Mount Hermon or Mount of Olives. The arid beauty of these places will never fail to captivate you. For history freaks and general tourists alike, another prime attraction would be the ancient roman city of Caesarea.

Plan Your Tour

If you are new to the country, consider opting for the Israel tours offered by travel agents. There are tours like Bible study tour, Israel Jewish tour and others. Choose one according to your own preference. However if you opt for a private tour, do good research on the places you want to visit before setting out.


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