Lake Constance: A Touch of Tropics in Central Europe

Lake Constance, the third largest freshwater European lake is a charming destination for travelers all through the year. With Germany, Austria and Switzerland haring the shores of this lake, it is accessible from either of these countries. At the foothills of the Alps and the Jura Mountains on yonder side, Lake of Constance is a picturesque destination particularly in the summer months of April and May with all the fruit trees blooming.

Lake Constance with an expanse of approximately 540 square kilometers is nearly 64 km in its longest part and about 15 km at its widest. Of the 236 rivers and streams feeding this lake, River Rhine flowing in the south-eastern region is the predominant source. The rapids and mountain streams flowing from the Alps bring in a lot of debris into Constance Lake which has resulted in its bed rising several meters.

Lake Constance at a height of almost 400 meters above sea level has a shoreline of almost 30 km with Austria in the east, over 70 km with Switzerland in its south, and more than 170 km with Germany in its west and north. Lake Constance Germany is locally called Bodensee after Bodman, a nobleman belonging to 8th century. The lower part of this lake is referred to as Untersee while the upper portion is named Obersee. The third part is Seerhein where Lake of Constance is connected with the Rhine.

The bracing Mediterranean climate of Lake Constance makes it one of the most attractive destinations in Central Europe. With the Alps as its backdrop and lush vegetation along the shores, areas adjoining the lake are visually and habitably enchanting. You would even get a feeling of the tropics from the fruit trees and flowering plants abounding this region. Colorful boats with bright sails are a delight to the eyes.

Lake Constance has a number of spectacular islands. Mainau is brilliant with its fascinating flowers. In this island you also get to see the biggest butterfly house in Germany. Kids would love to explore cave like homes in the children’s village and the wooden train that them through this village. The water play area is an added attraction. Parents cannot resist the beer garden and its cordial members. Reichenau is this lake’s largest island which is famous for its monastery.