Las Vegas: The land of Exciting Attractions

Taking a trip to Las Vegas is like a pilgrimage for tourists visiting the west coast area of America. The main attractions here mainly consist of casinos and pomp shows, the shopping malls and other famous historical places.Even people, who have never been there, are aware of the great places and these are pristine enough to attract the high income people.
Las Vegas has much tourist attractions to offer. The natives of Las Vegas are lucky enough to live in great attraction where many of them are casino experts and made to born to win at the betting tables. Casino is the part of Las Vegas culture.

Another great attraction is the theatres, which play primarily for the locals. Theaters and live shows thrive, attracting tourists and local alike. Music being the local forte, there are hardly any musicians who do not boast of playing their Las Vegas tunes.

Las Vegas is also a romantic destination for the couples stuck by Cupid. They elope and come here when they think of peaceful and serene wedding. Coming to talk about the attractions for sightseers, Las Vegas has many. To begin with, there are lovely fountains in the Bellagio, which is a landmark that shouldn’t be missed.

These fountains shoot up water to a good 250 feet high and cover an area of about one thousand feet. Tourists ought to visit and witness the action in the evening, which is the best hour to catch the colors, great music and glamour of these fountains.

When in Vegas, listen to the roars of lions at the MGM lion habitat. Enjoy the close real look of lions and the magnificence of wild habitat. Children can too enjoy wonderful dolphins and secret garden venues.

The dolphins, being people-friendly, provide great exciting attraction to people of all ages. This official zoo in Vegas draw tourists in hordes, and visitors to the city are suggested to leave back the rush and crowd of cities back, and spare enough time to view these tourist eye candies.

This grandeur follows up with the circus in the city plays all through the year and is another great attraction. Las Vegas is a favorite destination for young and old couple as well as singletons to enjoy these larger than life exciting and dangerous feats.

For ladies and those, who want to shop till they drop, visit Circus adventure theme park dome, there are shopping malls nearby where one can buy a variety of beads, quilts, and other gypsy-ware.