London: unforgettable experience

Those who have visited London will have no second thoughts about London being given the status of “coolest, hottest city in the world”. The weather here is very cozy and London is one of the best tourist spot in the world. It looks like traditional and modern era merging together. London is recognized by its beautiful buildings, civilized English traditions and courtesy.

No doubt London is a costly city where the tariffs of hotels and food are the costliest but all this is neutralized with visiting of various tourists spots. Here entry to big museums and art galleries is either free or the rates are very low. The tubes (underground trains) are best suited for tourism. Every track of the train has a particular color. All tourists’ spots, theaters, restaurants and cheap hotels etc situated on the northern side of river Thames are encircled by the tube. While visiting London, first of all the Buckingham Palace comes into mind.

The best part of this palace is the change of guards and the Parade of the hoarse guards. This palace is opened to public only when the Queen is out to Scotland for her yearly visit. One has two options to visit this palace. First is the tour to the state rooms with audio guide, while in the second tour apart from the state rooms, the royal muse and queens gallery are also shown.

Big Ben is another synonym of Buckingham Palace. Big Ben is named after the first commissioner, Sr. Benjamin Haal. The 96.3 mt long clock is the world’s biggest chiming clock. Thousands of people gather here on the New Year eve to witness its two needles come one upon the other.

If one wants to visit the session of the UK parliament, he can do so by making a booking with a member of parliament or the embassy. Whilst in London you can visit the suspension and Tower Bridge, Madam Tussad wax museum, The highest observation wheel, Hampstead Heath, Que Gardens, Albest Hall etc.

The central part of London is known as Piccadilly Circus. This is the busiest area of London, where five busy streets merge. Throughout the day you can see a crowd of Shoppers, business executive and tourists.