Luna Lodge, Costa Rica

It is a well known saying that God created heaven on earth itself, its just that we need to locate it and uncover it here. There are so many places on globe indicating the artifacts of Almighty at His best.

Luna lodge of Costa Rica is one such fine example of nature in its purest and enchanting form. Each and every thing here in this region feels alive and so attractive that it draws attention of tourists all across the world.

This lodge is Costa Rica is famous for catering the vivid interests and tastes of travelers visiting Costa Rica. Situated in Corcovado National Park, this park promises a lifetime experience in your trip.

Adventure to hiking, from eco tours to knowledge about flora and fauna, this land is full of surprises, waiting to be explored thereby satisfying everyone on board. Not just the experience, but also the overall ambience here with the high rated accommodation makes it a treat for travelers and a sought after tourist destination.

Luna lodge of Costa Rica is often termed as an eco lodge as well due to the high concern of people as well as the government towards the environmental issues. As when there is increase in number of people visiting a place making ecological problems are encountered which need attention.

Tourism industry makes sure that there are ample strict regulations to regularize any activities hampering the nature or the species living in the Luna lodge.

One thing, which is very popular about this lodge, is that it was made by the people of Costa Rica in order to preserve the disappearing rainforests. Due to their efforts in this field, issues regarding conversation of nature were given an ear worldwide.

Hence this place not only gives one a mesmerizing experience but also educates them about the environmental issues. It helps its visitors to understand the ecological balance and try to impart respect for them.

Luna Lodge of Costa Rica supports the idea of sustainable tourism with exciting endeavors of wildlife and nature at its best. It is known to contain 13 major ecosystems filled with numerous species of birds, animals and trees.

The beaches off the lodge are best known as nesting arena for sea turtles. It is the best place for unleashing tropical lowland rain forests, which are rich in rare flora and fauna making it perfectly fascinating tourist destination.