Luxury Boutique Hotels In Bath, England

You will have to visit Bath to enjoy a true English experience. The calm and tranquility of the place nestled in the Avon Valley, is a perfect contrast to its noisy neighbor, Bristol.

The remarkable countryside scenic beauty, refined dining and architectural grandeur, attract tourists from all over the World to the city. As expected from the standards of British hospitality, there are a number of luxury boutique hotels in Bath, England that have made a name for themselves.

 The Queensberry Boutique Hotel

Queensberry Boutique Hotel

If you want to experience an amalgamation of modern levels of comfort with old fashioned hospitality services then Queensberry will be the perfect place for you. Established by the husband wife duo of Lawrence and Helen Berry, the elegant beauty of the hotel exemplifies a perfect relaxing weekend experience.

The rooms at the hotel make you feel perfectly at home. The hotel also boasts of a ‘British’ eccentric old fashioned bar that is proud to serve some very excellent and antique drinks. The restaurant serves local recipes that have ingredients grown in the locality surrounding the hotel.

The Bath Priory

The hotel has been given a Club Victorian style and it has brought the beauty of countryside to its town setting. Once inside the premises, you will forget that you are so near to the town of Bath.

The Bath Priory

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There are twenty seven rooms in total. Both single and double occupancy facilities are available as per availability of rooms. The rooms have been named after the various flowers that decorate the surrounding grounds. Moringa, Orchid and Peony are examples some names that the rooms are adorned with.

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Basic amenities include V-spring beds, spa and garden, bath tubs, Wi-Fi connectivity, library and DVD’s. Baby sitting services can be provided on prior notice. The hotel restaurant has been set up in a traditional manner and it serves modern delicacies in a very traditional way. Guests can also choose to have their food on the terraces. A dress code has to be maintained for services in the hotel restaurant.

Royal Crescent Hotel

Situated in this region is also the Georgian styled Royal Crescent Hotel, which offers an exemplary view of the surrounding mountains and countryside. The hotel offers forty five rooms to its guests with fourteen suites. The Main Suite of the hotel is the most important one, and it boasts of a traditional fire place and a grand drawing room.

Royal Crescent Hotel

The rooms which are located at the front have view of crescent; those which are situated at back have views of gardens. Along with the basic facilities like a gym, spa, LCD TV, air conditioning, the main attraction offered by the hotel is the 1920s river launch service. Guests can avail champagne cruises as well as private charters.

You can also enjoy a hot-air balloon ride over the picturesque landscape. Enjoy the epitome of Georgian hospitality by availing the hotel’s butler and chauffer services. Besides the above three, there are other luxury boutique hotels in Bath, England, that will live up to your expectations of hospitality and service.

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