Malaysia: A True Asia At Heart

Malaysia is a top-grade tourist attraction, where tourism industry has rapidly been booming. The country’s bewitching beauty and awesome charm will simply blow you away the moment you land up in Malaysia. Be it any place, it will capture your heart and soul with its growing splendor and authentic grace. Surely, the place is about to win your heart with its ravishing lakes, beautiful islands, colossal mountains, splendid rivers and many more. World famous cities will sweep you off the ground as they have so much to offer.

So, let’s explore the exquisite Malaysia.

When it comes to touring a place, first what strikes? It is the hospitality and accommodations; well in that case, you can trust the Malaysian hospitality even blind-folded. The city is thronged by many luxurious hotels which are full of activities to keep their guests comfortable and cozy. The rates are generally high during the holidays. Every year a huge number of people visit the place, so plan your trip beforehand like booking tickets and hotel room bookings to make your entire trip more convenient. And there are plenty of airlines; you can choose Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching, or Langkawi airlines. So the options of choosing cheep airlines are also available.

Now what are the places you must visit.


A true paradise you may find in the mountains of Malaysia. The cooling effect of these mountains is perfect to beat the heat. Apart from that the greeneries and landscapes surrounding mountains will make you fall in love with the place. Among the popular highlands are Cameron, Frasers, Genting etc. And if you prefer a less developed hill then visit Bukit Larut where you can relax in the bungalows and rest houses.


The long coastline Peninsular Malaysia provides many choices of beaches. Also the ever charming islands like Tioman, Redang, and Panglor are simply gorgeous. And the Langkawi Island is hugely famous for the Aerospace exhibition and International maritime; also to accommodate tourists the place has several hotels.


The cosmopolitan city Kuala Lumpur boasts many towering buildings that are worldly famous such is Twin Towers. Also, the shopping destinations and bargain corners of the Malaysian cities will keep you always busy while shopping. The place is full of ethnic groups comprising Chinese, Indian and Malay. So, welcome to Malaysia.

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