Maldives:A Quiet Getaway

Maldives is a beautiful island which lies in the Indian ocean several kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka.It is a calm and placid place with beaches possessing crystal clear water and white sands.

If you are looking for a tropical climate then Maldives is the place to come.

You can visit Maldives anytime of the year.But December to April are considered the best time to visit Maldives.If you come around December you will be able to witness lot of Christmas celebrations going around here.

You can also visit Maldives from May to November but these months experience rain fall and may spoil your plans.Otherwise it is totally up to you to choose when you want to visit Maldives.

Maldives is the ideal location for people looking for calm and placid holiday.The life here is quite slow and the people live a peaceful life.There is nothing much to do around Maldives but you can indulge in a number of water sports in Maldives.

It is a must to experience scuba diving in Maldives as you can witness the rarest breeds of aquatic life here.A number of resorts offer you a number of sports activities at very reasonable prices.

If you just want to spend a lazy holiday, then you can choose to lie in the beach all day long and go fishing if you wish.You can also go for long walks on the beautiful beaches with your loved one and feel the water beneath your feet.

Even if you intend to spend less on a holiday then you can surely plan a trip to Maldives.There are number of budget hotels here and you find almost everything at a very reasonable price.If you intend to have a luxury holiday then you can also choose to go on a cruise.

Lot of tours and travels offer you luxury cruises which takes you around Maldives to all the islands and show you the most beautiful and unexplored places.They also make facilities to indulge in water sports during your stay in the cruise.

You can also shop for anything ranging from handcrafted goods to perfumed, chocolates, jewelery etc. from the capital of Male.A trip to Maldives will leave you happy and satisfied for sure.So anytime you want to get away from the noise of vehicles and the excessive crowds do consider Maldives for a holiday.