Michigan’s Slurp Syrup And Festivals In Warm April

Think Michigan in April and everyone is talking of the Maple Syrup parties in town but the first festival in itself is the relief of the dissipation of a long dreary winter. The beginning of the summer and the much needed warmth are a reason for celebration.

World’s Earth day is celebrated in Michigan and no matter where you are located in the state there is something going on. Participating in one of these festivals is highly recommended as it creates a great deal of awareness about the fragile environment we live in and the way we can individually contribute in building a healthier planet for our future.

World’s Earth day is celebrated in Michigan

At the turn of the nineteenth century started a new tradition now popularly known as the Blossom Festival, the oldest festival in Michigan as its name suggests is the beginning of the fruit growing season after the winter. Blossom time is not just for fruits and flowers it extends to Homo sapiens as well.

A number of the pretty lasses next door compete from every community for the coveted Miss Blossom Time beauty pageant to kick start the festival. Not to be left behind the good folks of Michigan also have a Mr. Swimsuit competition for the benefit of the fairer sex. The festival ends with the top draw spectacle of floats displaying floral designs. Hundreds of thousands of tourists are attracted to this particular event.

Mid April is a time of nostalgia with its retro feel where visitors and tourists are encouraged to rewind a few decades in time to the eighties. Everyone is dressed in outfits’ now considered outlandish from that era. Music, food, television and everything sundry brings back memories of a world gone by. People who hadn’t arrived then would truly appreciate how good they have it now.

Maple Syrup Festival during the final week of April

Michigan used to be the home of Native Americans popularly known as the Red Indians before the Europeans arrived, should you run into one don’t mistake them to be a part of the event. Then comes the festival on everybody’s lips quite literally The Maple Syrup Festival during the final week of April where thousands of gallons of maple syrup are slurped down with everything from pancakes to doughnuts and even sausages.

The maple sap collected from the maple tree is the main source from which this syrup is extracted. The festival comes with its share of fun for the kids with ponies for them to ride on or cartwheels for them to spin on.This festival also has a beauty pageant contest thankfully skipping out the Mr. Swimsuit contest and a mini marathon for the fast and the furious.

Slurp Syrup And Festivals In Warm April

April is a great time to be in Michigan with lovely weather, friendly residents and a fun filled atmosphere where there is something going on everyday or something to look forward to the next. If this isn’t excitement enough rewind to the beginning of the month for the greatest festival of all time. A festival that truly celebrates the human spirit the festival that falls on the first of April.


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