Mongolia, A Land of Nomad

Socialist Republic Mongolia is a landlocked country in Central Asia. Nation is thinly populated by Mongols; minorities include Kazakhs, Uighurs, Tuvinians, and Chinese. Religion followed is Buddhism. Official language is Mongolian. Darkhan and Erdenet are the major cities. Nation is very fond of wrestling.

Highest elevation is Chujtun at 4362 m in the Mongolian Altay range. Chief rivers are Selenga, and Kerulen. Largest lakes are Khobsogol, Ubsa, and Hyargas. The capital is Ulan Bator. Climate is continental, dry, cold winters, short, hot summers with a little precipitation.

Mongolia is largely a featureless plateau divided into several parts by rugged mountain ranges. The entire south west is occupied by the stony Gobi Desert and arid steppe. Wild animals include the saiga antelope, gazelle, wolf and various rodents. Mongolians have always been famous as horsemen and horse breeders.

Tourists get a taste of the nomadic culture through grassland safari where there is every facility to ride a camel or a horse. It is possible to take the trekking route established by Genghis khan eight centuries ago.

The rich dynastic changing rulers like Yuan, Qing etc of the past have left behind rich cultural heritage. The remains in museum are equally enlightening. The architecture is typically tent look alike and many ancient temples and abode has this appearance.

Water bodies in the form of 25 rivers and 3000 lakes like Lake Huysgal at 1645 m abound the region and the anglers enjoy the unpolluted rivers in the serene surroundings wondering which among the 70 species will be their catch.  The mountains are enticing and tourists’, amateur professionals, and beginners visit it as hikers, climbers and on their bikes for adventure.

There are many national Parks dotted all over the nation especially in the region of Gobi Desert. Birds of different species are seen in different seasons adding musical tunes to the beautiful natural surroundings.

There is the facility for tourists to go and live with the nomad family. It’s a very interesting experience. The Nadaam festival, an annual event for the nomads to gather at one place and men participate in sports like archery horsemanship, wrestling etc.

They are dressed up in colourful traditional dress for the occasion. In these modern times primitive living is an attraction for tourists who are always here in great numbers.