Moscow: The Place Of Palaces And Parks

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is one of the most important cities of the world. Each year thousands of tourists come over to Moscow to visit the colourful city of Moscow. There are numerous things to see in Moscow and it takes quite a long time to see all things of Moscow. There are several beautiful palaces and garden adorning the city of Moscow. One should not miss to see the palaces and gardens while travelling in Moscow. A trip to this city is really extraordinary.

Palaces and gardens: One of the most beautiful parks of Moscow is the Alexandrovsky Garden. This garden is located near the western wall of Kremlin Wall. Alexandrovsky Garden is the first public park of Moscow.

This very park provides excellent views of Kremlin. The park looks really beautiful with the fragrant flower beds adorning the garden. Both general public of Moscow and the tourists like this garden very much. Much earlier Neglinnaya Rivers ran though the garden.

Later the river was diverted underground and the garden was made afresh by famous architecture. At the northern part of the garden you can see the famous ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’. Patriarch’s Palace is one of the important palaces of Moscow.

This palace was built for Patriarch Nikon. Coming to this palace one can a nice exhibition on 17th century jewellery, old furniture and hunting equipments. Patriarch Ponds still has the essence of the old-days parks. This is a nice park where during summer the children run through the whole grassy park and in the winter season they enjoy skating on the pond. There is a massive statue of the 19th century writer Ivan Krylov.

This writer is famous for Russian children literature. Earlier there are several ponds in this area of the park. These ponds became more famous when the writer Mikhail Bulgakov in ‘The Master and Margarita’ used these ponds as the location for appearing of devil. The most beautiful of Kremlin’s palaces is the Terem Palace.

It was built by Vasily III. Tsaritsino Palace is situated on a hill at the south-eastern part of Moscow. It was the summer home of Katherine the Great. The palace was not finished. One can see mixture of different architectural styles here.