Must See Places in Kuala Lumpur

Whenever one talks of Malaysia, the mention of Kuala Lumpur comes automatically. Indeed, Kuala Lumpur is one of those places in the world that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. And once you are there, you are sure to have so much fun, that you’d probably want to spend the rest of your life there!

As a tourist, you will love the place and many delights that it has to offer. There are some must-see places there that you cannot miss out on. The first among them happens to be the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

These are the tallest towers in the world with 88 floors each, connected by a bridge on the 21st floor. These towers have been the subject of photography for many photographers, and are considered to be Kuala Lumpur’s prized possession.

In the surrounding areas, you will find many souvenir shops that sell t-shirts with the tower printed on them, along with fridge magnets, postcards, little statues and many other things to keep your memories of the visit to the towers alive.

Next, for the traveller who loves shopping and the active city life, Bukit Bintang should be the next destination, where you will find many great restaurants, shopping centres as well as hotels. Once there, enjoy great food, shopping and a fun-time at the area of the city that is alive 24 hours!

China Town again is a colourful and vibrant place that one must visit when you go to Kuala Lumpur. Photographers love the area for the different kinds of subjects that they find there, ranging from people with their unique dressing sense, to Chinese items, whether they are gadgets or food items or herbs etc. In short, experience the taste of China at its best in China Town!

Other places that you must definitely visit include the Muzim Negara, Lake Garden and the Menara Tower. At the Lake Garden, children will love the great Deer Park and Butterfly Park.

So next time you get a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, do visit these places with your friends or family to have a complete holiday experience, and to enjoy the place’s best delights.