Must See Places In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful, scenic places in the USA.Its located in California state in  the  west coast of US. It’s a great destination for travelers. There are many wonderful places to visit here. The route from the Airport to the city, especially the long winding bridge with its ups and downs is worth seeing.

The view from the bridge is breathtaking, the blue pristine waters with boats and ships moving about. Some great places to visit here, are Muir woods Fisherman’s wharf, Alcatraz, china town ,Golden gate bridge and the gardens and museums over there, North beach ,Crooked street and Napa valley.

A Walk Through The Woods

Walk Through The Woods

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For tree lovers and those who want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, Muir woods which are a national monument is the best place. With hundreds of flora and fauna, long giant trees, little streams flowing by, small wooden bridges over them, it looks like we are in the lap of nature. For a quiet walk, morning is the best time to go. We can spot black tailed deer, Sonoma, chipmunk, duck, fox, and heron here on a lucky day.

The Charming Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s wharf is the busiest and most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. Pier 39, Ghirardelli square, San Francisco Maritime National park, a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, cannery shopping center, Musee Mecanique, the wax museum, Forbes island are located here.   For the best sea food and to have a look at barking seals in San Francisco Fisherman’s wharf is the place.

Fisherman’s Wharf

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Pompei’s Grotto and Aloto’s #8 are two of the oldest restaurants here. Dungeness crab and Clam chowder are a must have for the sea food lovers at Fisherman’s wharf.  Some other attractions in Fisherman’s wharf area are Golden Gate National Recreational Area, (Hyde Street Park which is a part of it), Balclutha, a whaling ship belonging to 19th century, the USS Pampanito a decommissioned world war 2 era

A world-class fireworks display is organized here every year on Fourth of July. Fisherman’s wharf dazzles in the night with its line of tiny shops offering everything from souvenirs to Swarovski items. It is best to carry some woolens with you when you visit Fisherman’s wharf as it could get quite chilly.

The Mysterious Alcatraz  Prison

Standing at Fisherman’s wharf we can have a good view of Alcatraz Island on which the famous Alcatraz prison is located. At one time it was home to famous criminals such as Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, and Machine Gun Kelly. For those who have seen the movie “Escape from Alcatraz” it is a real treat to see the prison with its cramped cells ,the creepy hospital wing and to listen to the stories of fantastic attempts of escape and the famous personalities who stayed here.

The Mysterious Alcatraz  Prison

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But Alcatraz also served as a light house, a military fortification and Native Americans wanted to build an education and cultural center here. We can enjoy gorgeous views of San Francisco, especially the Bay area from here and get to know about its fantastic history.

The Quaint Chinatown

The oldest Chinatown in North America is in San Francisco which came up in the mid-1800s as people from all over the world came to California in search of better opportunities. In the 1906 earthquake, Chinatown was completely destroyed but was quickly re-built and serves as a center for the Chinese community in San Francisco.


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The streets in Chinatown are dotted with open-air markets, souvenir shops, and the delicious scent of dumplings. , The Chinese Culture Center offers a Chinese Heritage Walk for those who are interested in its history.

The Glorious Golden Gate Bridge

It used to be the longest suspension bridge in the world, but the Golden Gate Bridge is definitely the most famous.  It joins the City of San Francisco to Marin County. Every year hordes of tourists visit this bridge and marvel at this man made structure.  People are seen taking leisurely walks along the foot paths.

golden Gate Bridge

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The” little Italy” of San Francisco -North Beach  North beach is a great hit with tourists as well as San Franciscans, it is also known as “Little Italy”. The streets are lined with Italian bistros, pizza parlors and gelato shops. It’s also home to some of the liveliest night clubs and bars in town.

The upper Grant Avenue is filled with boutiques and shops selling imported goods. The famous City Lights bookstore is located here. For those who want to explore historic landmarks, or have steaming cappuccino or go shopping, clubbing North beach has a lot to offer for both leisurely afternoon activities or for a night on town.

The Crooked Street-Lombard Street

Crooked Street-Lombard Street

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San Francisco’s Lombard Street is called the “crookedest street”; it’s built with eight switchbacks on a 40-degree slope. The main attraction here is watching people drive down the crooked, one block section, squealing in mock fear but driving down the street yourself is a more exciting option.

Napa Valley

Napa valley is one of the most popular tourist attractions in California, renowned all over the world for its wines. It’s located at the Northeastern tip of San Francisco bay area. Famous wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon blank are produced here along with the other exquisite ones like Merlot, Zinfandel, Riesling, Petite sirah, Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Muscat. There are other small wineries that produce ports, brandies and liqueurs.

napa vally

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The drive to these wineries dotted with grape gardens, hill slopes with cows grazing on them, houses nestled on hill tops is so beautiful and enchanting that the image stays with you long after your vacation is over The delicious wines, the restaurants,  the sheer beauty of this place make it the perfect holiday destination.

The best time to visit the valley is in September or October during “crush”, the harvest. The four sacred mountains Mount St. Helena, Mount Hamilton, Mount Diablo, and Mount Tamalpais are situated in this valley. So pack your bags and head to the city of San Francisco where the weather is pleasant all through the year, to get a taste of all the things the city has to offer.