Mythological Thiva (Thebes)

Thiva: Thiva or the earlier known as Thebes of Greece has a rich mythological past. The most tragic stories of Greek myths had occurred around the royal family of Thebes. Those ancient myths and tragic stories are subjects of the famous Greek writers like Euripides, Aristophanes etc. These tragic stories of the royal family of Thebes have still been dealt by the writers from all over the world.

History: Thebes is the birth place of the Greek hero Hercules. Hercules’s father was a powerful Greek god. This place is also the birth place of Dionysos. It was one of the powerful; city during the golden age of the Greece. The royal family of Thebes was cursed by the Olympian Gods. The curse was reflected in the lives of the rows of kings of this family. The greatest specimen is the story of King Oedipus. Oedipus’s life was cursed from his childhood since he was branded to be the father killer.

Ultimately the situations changed in such astonishing way that he really became the killer of his father and married his mother Jacosta. But when he came to know that because of his acts the land is being cursed he blinded himself. From this incident famous psychoanalyst Freud coined the term ‘Oedipus complex’.

There are other such stories of Thebes’s royal family. After the Trojan War in the 12th century BC Thiva or better say Thebes became a very powerful city of the then era. During the 371 BC the city of Thebes became victorious against Sparta. But Thebes’s fame became dimmed when in 335 BC Alexander the Great sacked the city because of its Rebellion against Macedonia.  The remains of that mythological era are to be seen in the museum of Thebes.

Sites: The archaeological museum of Thiva is really wonderful. You can also find out a vivid lay out of the ancient history and myths here. During the 2009 the museum was closed for renovation and refurbishing. Coming here you can see ancient tablets, old age jewellery, terracotta masks and even decorated sarcophagi. A trip to this museum is really remarkable as it will help you to tread down the paths of ancient myths.

How to go: You can come here by train or bus from Athens.