Nightlife in Prague – Club Up The Colors

Smoke circles, beer rounds, thumping sound, are some trademarks of the hip Prague nightlife. Prague can be aptly rechristened as Czechoslovakia’s discotheque. With a generous variety of night joints and clubs, Prague can be a dream destination for the booty shakers and the slick steppers.

The dance halls and hot clubs of Prague swarm with people of all adult ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. There is plenty of beer to go around but if you’ve stepped in with the intention of enjoying fancy cocktails, then perhaps Prague nightlife is going to get you a tad crestfallen. The city local bars are more of traditional nature.

The youth buzz is to be found in clubs and discos slightly far off and underground. If you find your way to such joints then prepare yourself for a nightlife experience worth bragging of under your travel conquests.

So where does the action take place? Follow this small guide into the best and most sought after nightlife joints of Prague. Lavka bar and club at old town is a high-up clubbing joint with four-star service with drinks and dance. Duplex club and café at new town boasts of a fabulous top floor and serves as a placid café during the day and a thumping nightclub after sunset.

Duplex club and café also gets four stars. If you are looking for some major clubbing, Karlovy Lazne is the place to be. Spread over five floors, this Prague club is the largest of its kind in central Europe.

Four stars for Karlovy Lazne as well. Bombay bar and music club is a Prague club with international flavor attracting clubbers from different nations and ethnicities – four stars here too. Double Trouble, Aloha Cocktail and Solid Uncertainty are some popular three-star names amongst Prague clubs. The first two are situated in the old town while the last mentioned is in the new town.

Finally, let us delve on the availability of cheap accommodation in Prague. If you wish to have a good night time then Prague offers cheap and varied price range. Accommodations are available from as low as US$31 up to US$200 and more. So it’s up to the depth of your pocket which decides the depth of the hotel luxury. Availability of cheap accommodation in Prague does a lot in keeping the city’s night life rich and nourished.